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Great Grandma Newbold Quilt Rebuild

October 25, 2010

If you have been to my house – at some point you would have seen this awesome quilt that Brad’s Grandma (father’s side) had made for us. I don’t know when we got it – must of been years and years ago. But it’s one of our favorites and you can tell. . . .

Quilt top shot 1

(sorry for the crappy picture)

Some of the squares are either going away. . or just completely gone.



So I had the idea of taking the quilt apart and putting the fabric in another quilt. I even thought I could make a quilt and gift it back to Great Grandma Newbold. I can hear all the protest screams. . . but honestly, I do love the quilt and putting it away and not using it would a horrible too. You’re right I could patch it up. . . but I want to give it some of my style to it. If you still think I should go to hell in a hand basket then I’ll be screaming “wee!” all the way down.

The idea for the new quilt will fit our queen bed so a 96×90.

It will just be squares. . nothing fancy but it will give a modern twist to the older fabric.

I’m mainly going to use the backing for the holiday quilt and add in some new fabrics. . I’m hoping it will look sweet in the end. What do you think?

Fabrics for holiday quilt

As for the top of the quilt – I’ll end up putting that in another quilt too. I don’t know what yet. . maybe a lot of triangles. I’m kind of scared to take it apart. But I really think it will be awesome once the projects are done. So if you have ideas for the 2nd quilt – I’m listening.

Also if you’re interested in getting some fat quarters for your own holiday quilt and reuse project please let me know. Here’s the flickr group – join won’t you?

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