December 16, 2010

Work In Progress. . . .

I have many things on my plate as far as quilting and working full time is putting a real big wrench in the plans. I do appreciate working though. . . and it makes me appreciate the time I do have to quilt.

What am I doing currently with quilting?? Trying to master free motion quilting.

One of the blogs I’m following, Mama Quiet Minutes Mrs Natalie suggested to make pillows and practice free motion quilting on them instead of big ass quilts. Makes sense. So I busted out a pillow on Saturday and tried free motion quilting on it. Very frustrating. I’m getting what the quilting world calls, “eyelashing”. Something with my setting isn’t working and I’m bout ready to throw in the towel. . . .

Here’s the pillow top though:

1st Chop Veggie Pillow

And here’s a close up on the swirl:

Free Motion Quilting

I’m going to make another one and they will be placed on my bed. I think I will take the colors and incorporate it in a new bedroom makeover.

In other project news, I’m slowly gather fabric for my Japanese Subway quilt – 1600+ 2″ squares. . here’s what I have so far:

Stack of 2" squares

Christmas is around the corner. . so we’ll see how much time I have to quilting.

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