Tokyo here I come!

January 12, 2011

So if you haven’t heard. . . or know, I’m getting ready for my first sew-a-long. Who’s? Mrs Fransson of course, called Tokyo Subway Map. What does it look like when done – check the website, it’s pretty cool right?

The color squares equal 709. . . .

The white squares equal 891. . . .

It took me awhile to gather enough fabric to start this one. But I finally got all of the 2′ squares cut and here’s the results:

Pile o 2' Squares

Crazy right?

Where’s the big pile of white squares. . . well I have huge heartburn trying to cut 891 squares. . . I think it might make me crzy! So I decide I’ll cut them while I go. That way I’m taking a bite out of the elephant one piece at a time. Since the quilt consists of 25 blocks I’ll try to knock out 2 blocks each week. . should be done somewhere in March. . . that sounds so far away.

You know I didn’t realize that I loved the color yellow. Cutting them made me really love the color.


I was able to pick up some sherbet pips at a local quilt shop so of course I needed to incorporate them into this quilt!!


See I can cut scappy like. . . hopefully it will turn out as nice as Mrs Fransson’s.

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    Very cool! I like!

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