Righteous Stash or not

January 13, 2011

Going around the blogging world I’ve noticed that with any new year, quilters have new year’s resolutions towards quilting. I thought this was very interesting since I’m new to the hobby.

One of them that caught my eye was a fabric diet. . . or hoarding fabric.

Today, I joined a flickr group called StashPact11. It’s a support group for quilters who have an addiction to fabric. A group where you can post your personal goals and having people support to you in success or failure.

I’ll have to admit my stash isn’t too crzy compared to others that I’ve seen. But I do have to admit that in my lil’ world it’s getting out of control. So here are my goals to keeping my stash under control:

1. When and if I do buy fabric, I will make sure it goes in the right color pile/box. I think a lot of times I run out to buy fabric because I think I don’t have that color. After spending a couple hours organizing, I realized I have a lot of colors (purple and yellow are kind of low anyone want to swap??. I guess knowing what you have makes it easier not to run out and spend.

2. I can’t keep away from sales. . . or try to.

3. Keep my stash in a viewable shelf. I think if you pack away your fabric or can’t easily look at it then it’s harder to know what you have. And the temptation to go out to buy will be hard to resist.

4. I will try to swap fabric more than buying.

Lets see if I can keep to those 4 rules. . . . wish me luck. Here’s a picture of my “tiny stash.” I organized it by color if you can’t tell (even separated the charm packs). If you want to see a couple other folks stash head over to Ryan’s & Jeni’s blog.

Stash 2011.01.12

I was going to start on my tokyo quilt tonight but I wanted to go to the thrift store to find an ole’ bookshelf for my stash = no luck. . .then I spent time with the family watching Storage Wars on A&E. . . and finally got to organizing my stash. Time gets away from you when you’re organizing.

I would like to give a personal SHOUT OUT to my good buddy Kati From the Blue Chair.

Met Kati a couple months back at the SLC Modern Quilt Guild meeting.

Had to talk to her because she finished the tokyo quilt. IMHO, her quilts are awesome. If you get a couple minutes take a look at her finished quilts. Lets just say if her quilts met my quilt(s) in the back alleyway they would kick my quilt(s) butts in style and technique.

She was kind enough to tag me today on her blog. So I will spread the word out of the bloggers that have fewer than 300 followers, you know us lil’ guys.

1. imalisawork – Just started following Lisa, I think what caught my eye with her blog is that she reminds me a lot of myself. Or at least the blogging style. Check out her 54+ blocks that she completed for 2010 – it will knock your socks off.

2. Mama Quiet Minutes – I love her pillows. She practices her free motion quilting on pillows. . . and her hubby wonders why they have some many pillows around the house. Her tops that she makes are pretty cute too. . and I can appreciate that because I don’t sew clothes!!

Go forth and check out their blogs. . hopefully you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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  • Reply Meryl January 13, 2011 at 8:09 am

    I have one rule for fabric. It has to be part of my current project.

  • Reply Emily January 13, 2011 at 10:42 am

    Good luck on your new goal. I don’t think I could do it. If I see a fabric I love I just have to buy it. Your little stash is beautiful. I also lack in the yellow and purple department. What’s up with that?

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