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March 15, 2011

There was an awesome surprise waiting for me after work. . it was a special package from my friend Jenna from Jennadesigns. We came to this trading back n’ forth of vintage pyrex and fabric. I L O V E I T!!! She had a homestead refrigerator dish in my pattern.

Pyrex+Fabric+Chocolate = awesome!


I’m debating on just ebay’in the rest of the collection because it’s just hard to find the whole set.

Oh did I mention there are goodies inside? Fabric!!! (yeah yeah someone out there is saying, “Amy do you really need more fabric? Duh! Winning!!)

Fabric Yummy!

Don’t worry I can wash that fabric down with super yummy chocolates!!

Jenna – you are the woman!!! Thank you so much!!!

Chocolate Yummy!!

Does anyone else want to join in on the trading fun???

Without a doubt that made my monday spectacular. . but then we had to go to the Lowes to drop some serious change for the main bathroom remodel. It was sick! All the items should be delivered next Tues. then the real fun starts.

Bathroom remodel time

In other news. . remember the quilt I’ve been working on so hard? You know the first one I’m going to complete. . .yeah the tokyo subway quilt? Well it’s getting donated. . . . yup more to come later. Hope everyone can dig in their pockets for a good cause!!!

Completed top! Actionshot#1

Oh and I cut my hair today. . . took many many many inches off.

Haircut LocksofLove

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