The skinny on “Social Networking”

March 17, 2011

Well the modern quilt guild has put me in charge of talking about the in n’ outs of Social Networking.

social networking

What is social networking?

It’s website where you can connect with other people.

Why would someone want to social network?

In general, a person wants to connect with friends and family and keep them updated on what’s going on in their life.

*It’s just another thing to keep up with. . . besides chores, bills, family, dishes, laundry – oh wait I mention chores.

What are some of sites you can use to social network?
(Keep in mind use a site if you’re getting something back – basically is it worth it)

Blogs! Yes, a blog is a social network – it’s a modern day public diary. You can write stuff and post entries daily basis. New post show up at the top and visitors can read and comment on what’s posted.

There’s two main sources where you can start a blog – 1. Blogger 2. WordPress

What’s the difference?
The main difference is on wordpress you have to own a domain (web address).

Which one to go with?
Go with whatever works for you – blogger is super user friendly and easy to start.

Want more readers? Here’s some tips and tricks. . .
*Post often! A blog dies in readership when the blogger posts like once every 6mos. True there are some die hard fans that will stick around, but people like to see new info regardless if it’s daily or weekly.
*Advertise your blog! Use flickr, facebook, twitter, and other popular sites. Link it up!!!

Good Practices for bloggers (my suggestions here!)
*Comments! That’s right, you feel the love when you see comments but what about you? Do you comment on other peoples blogs? It takes a lot more work to comment but think about how far it goes for the author when you post a comment on their work. I bet, it makes their day. . .
*Support local! That’s right – we have such a huge community of craftiers, link up their blog and follow them. And when you see them at the next meeting, it’s that much easier to be friends since you’ve commented back n’ forth online.
*Sitemeter. Yes if you think you’re alone and no one’s paying your blog any attention – add a sitemeter. You’ll be surprised at how many hits you get a day.

Facebook! Facebook is a social utility that helps you connect with pretty much anyone you’ve come in contact with that you know their name. Grade school, high school, friends, family, even the neighborhood dog!

I use a application that posts my blog entries to my wall when I post – it’s called NetworkedBlogs, you can do a search on it when you’re in facebook. It’s super easy to install.

Flickr! Facebook minus everything except the pictures. When you start a flickr account, you can find friends via email addresses. So whoever you list as a contact – they can see what pictures you’ve upload. Also you can set permission to your pictures, so only certain groups can see it.

Just like blogs and facebook – people can comment or add notes(tagging) on your pictures.

Want more comments? Here’s some tips and tricks. . .
*How many contacts do you have? I’m not saying the more contacts you have the more comment you have. . . but if you only have 5 contacts then you won’t have that many comments/notes
*Add your pictures to the appropriate group
*Same applies as blogs as to your pictures – advertise and they will come!

Twitter! It’s like a miniature blog/or facebook minus everything but the status updates. Tweets can only be in 140 characters. Tweets can go to mobile devices too! If you dont tweet that’s okay – you can have access to other people’s tweets and just be a reader.

So there you have it. . . the skinny on social networking. If you’re at tonight’s meeting, I’m hoping to dive into each section with more tips n’ tricks.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions??? I’ll be here all week!

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  • Reply Sarah March 18, 2011 at 6:28 am

    Good job on the presentation last night! You are the social networking queen!

  • Reply Angela Flicker March 18, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    The flickr info was helpful, and a kick in the pants. I pretty much load pictures and walk away –oh, and often I forget to even load current pictures. I think I need to get better with that.

    Thanks for all this great info!

  • Reply Deonn March 19, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    I’ve been pretty much glued to the computer since your lesson – sure enough, I got home and my Flikr account had a message: You have uploaded 186 pictures and are near your 200 picture limit…gugh. Guess I’ll have to bite the bullet. Made all my patterns available in PDF format then networked my blog to Facebook. Now I am trying to figure out if it is necessary to make a Facebook page just for my business if it’s already linked with the blog…oh probably! I am having fun with and Do you think it’s annoying to have music on a blog??

  • Reply Teje March 21, 2011 at 4:41 am

    Hello! I was going throuhg my e-mails and I’m so happy I found your lost address! This post is just what I need now, because I’m thinking about the facebook … are you there?
    Your vintage pyrex with all those lovely fabrics is wonderful!
    You have cut a lot your hair!
    Best wishes from Teje

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