No internet makes. .

for a poor blog post from Sukie (that’s right talking in the 3rd person is lame) Why no internet? Well the main cables are in the back of my house and it’s currently being working on by the govt to widen the road. This is what is looked like this morning:

Backyard Actionshot#1

Backyard Actionshot#2

It’s kind of a mess!!!

Backyard Actionshot#3

I’ve thought about throwing any ugly fabrics in the hole letting it get buried. . .

Hopefully my internet will be up by the end of the week. I leave you with a pic of some good buddies I met and hung out with at Sewing Summit:

Me & Jennifer

Me, Elena, Amanda

Amy & Sukie

Lee, Me, Elizabeth, & Anne Marie


  1. Totally jealous!

  2. Yea, totally jealous of the sewing summit… Not so of the road widening….

  3. Left hand turning lanes are CRAZY!

  4. You should charge the gov’t a pain and suffering fee.

  5. Holy cow, that construction is dreadful!! I hope your internet comes back soon! :)

  6. Love the pics- so sorry about no internet- that construction looks awful!

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time at the Sewing Summit – lucky girl you!! Not so much for the big digger things at the back of your house!!

  8. Wow, come back, Internet! Good thing you can still tweet! : ) Fun pictures, and it was so great to meet my biggest fan (jk)

  9. Nadine Woodraska says:

    Thanks for coming by the shop!! I can’t wait for next year!

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