No more fat quarters!

You know when you’re starting the quilting hobby and you go to the local quilt store. . or even shopping online, and those dang fat quarters are the best.

They’re good for many reasons:

1. Fat quarters give you a bigger chuck of the fabric.

2. They give you better options for patchwork or applique

3. They’re popular and stores make it easy to buy bundles

Here’s the reasons why I think fat quarters are A N N O Y I N G:

1.   I think it’s about $3/fat quarter and that’s crzy!!  I would rather buy half yards if that’s the case.  You’re saving a little $$$ depending on the fabric.

2.  Typical you can only buy a fat quarter online if it’s in a bundle pack and sometimes you don’t want the whole pack. . . but if you’re lucky then you can go to the local quilt store and pull it off the shelf.  You could contact the online store to make you a special pack too.

3.  Also after you buy just one fat quarter of the fabric you love and use it. . don’t you wish you had more of it?

I’m done buying fat quarters, I’m buying only half yards from now on!  (j.k lets just say I won’t buy fat quarters as much).  Check out my latest addition to my stash (all half yards/yards no fat quarters here!!)

2012-04-24 22.25.33.jpg



  1. Unfortunately I am on a Fat Quarter salary!

  2. You’re making me want to make a Silent Cinema quilt, like RIGHT NOW! Gosh, I love those grays :) And you know I totally agree on the fat quarter thing, too, it’s a conspiracy! And I find lately that I always need more than a fat quarter for a pattern testing and all that, so half-yards and up for me too!

  3. Good logic, to be sure! Love that silent cinema – that bottom print is one of my very favorites.

  4. Amen! I’m a half yard gal as well :-) Love those prints, yummy greys!

  5. I agree! And FQs in shops here never seem to be on a sale rack – even if the yardage is! And they are not always cut straight – blech! I don’t feel as bad straightening a half yard as a FQ.

    Another pro/con of the half yard is the cutting table – is there a line? Is the cutter chatty? Or mean? Can my kids wait? (And if I can’t handle that, I probably don’t need the fabric!)

  6. it’s funny you say that! i always wish i had more when i cut up a fat quarter. not to mention if there is any funny business with the cut or for whatever reason the fabric doesn’t cooperate, you don’t really end up with enough. half yards it is!

  7. Hmmm, I have often thought this too. But then I sometimes end up with too much fabric because I like to buy the entire line in a new fabric. I need to figure out a better system, too.

  8. Dang, I know you’re right. But the fat quarter bundles are so cute and perky!

  9. I’m with you on this one. Fat quarters always lead to disappointment. Plus with a half yard, I have enough fabric length and width wise that I do almost anything even if my plan is haphazard.

  10. me, too! give me at least a half yard, preferably a whole yard, and then there’s the yard and a half, or two yards for borders! it all has to do with the collection or the pattern, or just stashing from sales. fabric is fabric and i love every inch of it.

  11. I’m with ya! I’d rather have the half yard!

  12. I totally agree! I still love my fatquarters but the half yards are lots better and less frustrating!!

  13. word to your mother!

  14. You make a great point! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a fat quarter and thought, “if I only had a liiiittle bit more of this fabric!”

  15. I love your reasoning and am also a half yard girl. Another thing is that I often want a strip of fabric that is the whole width, and I can’t be bothered with piecing it together, or hoping it runs the right direction. On, and I have bought several fat quarters that do not measure as large as advertised, even without prewashing. The End.

  16. Bethany Wise says:

    Coming from a garment sewing background is where I had trouble with fat quarters, even then if a pattern called for X 5/8 yards, I would round up to 3/4. So when I started quilting I always bought 1/2 or even 1 yard cuts. I look at 1/2 cuts as 2 “fat” fat quarters. :)

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