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Hey everyone,

Remember how I posted about my shitty week? Yeah. . I must of been asking the universe if it could do better.

So Wednesday, the hubby came to pick me up from work to take me to my eye appt – they were going to dilate my eyes before my lasik surgery on Friday morning.  He didn’t want me to drive home in the afternoon sun.  So we’d left his car at my work and headed to the eye doctor.  He said, “We can drive back in the morning and I can just go to work from there.”

The next morning we were heading towards a major intersection and the light had turned yellow.  We well past the point of no return and the lady on the other side of the intersection was turning left in front of us.  There was no way of stopping and not missing her.  So we hit her going about 40-45mph.

Air bags went off.



I looked over to the hubby and asked him if he was okay and he responded.  Since the car was full of smoke and I didn’t really know what was going on. . I yelled that we needed to get out of the car and fast.

Accident actionshot#1

If you’re following on Instagram or Twitter then this is old news. You figure if I’m tweet’in it then I’m not that bad off right? Also I think twitter/instagram/facebook/social media is the fastest way to spread news. Family members were looking at fb and looking for updates from us. Kind of funny how the world’s changed, ya know?

Car getting tow'd

The other driver got ticket’d for improper left turn – and we headed off to the instacare to treat our cuts and bruises. I think the hubby got hit worse than I did:

Hubby's injuries

I just got air bag burns in my chest, neck, and face:

My injuries

Lucky for us, we didn’t have the kids with us. There’s actually a lot of other lucky things we can count on. . . we both walked away. . .

I call Uncle on ya Universe!


  1. I’m glad you’re both OK. A positive attitude helps!

  2. Yeah…I think it’s time for you to go on about a 6-week vacation. Somewhere without cars…

    Glad y’all are okay.

  3. Sooo glad you are both ok, but scary stuff!

  4. You’ve got nowhere to go but up, girl! Glad you’re okay! : )

  5. So glad you are both ok!

  6. I am so glad you weren’t hurt worse. I hope everything works out.

  7. Jeez, glad you’re both ok. Whenever something remotely alarming happens (although, to be fair, I haven’t had anything quite THAT alarming happen) I am always so relieved I don’t have my boys with me.

  8. I’m so glad to hear you both walked away with only minor injuries. I know that’s a terrifying experience. It sounds like you both handled it like troupers. Really, though, ya’ll are so due a break from this trouble!

  9. Bloody hell Amy! Take it easy you guys xxx

  10. Allison C says:

    Scary! Glad you are both okay!!!

  11. I’m SO glad you are ok! Huge hugs. Have a better week this week!

  12. Omg. You need to stay away from cars?!!!

  13. Horrible.So glad you are ok!

  14. That sucks! Glad you’re ok!

  15. Hi Amy! I’m so happy that you are both fine! That was a terrible thing to happen! You have been very unlucky and I thought I have. A motorbike hit my car – it came behind the curve on my side. Fortunately no one injured.
    I wish you Good Luck and wonderful summer! x Teje

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