Zakka Sewalong Week #17

Zakka Style Sew Along

Holy Moly!!  It’s week 17 out of 24, can you believe it?

This week’s an easy small pouch, called “Delightful Linen Pouch.”  The pattern is by: Mette Robl.  You know, when I saw the picture – I thought it was bigger than it really was. .but it’s tiny and so cute:

Zakka Week#17

I noticed that on the picture there was some adorable cross stitch action. But you know, I haven’t ever cross stitched at all in my sewing career. I turned to twitter to ask my community “is cross stitching hard?” it was . . the general consenus was, “No.”

You know one of my favorite cross stitch pattern shops is? The Frosted Pumpkin stitchery. (if you really want to know, it’s my only shop I go to)

Did you know Lecien made embroidery hoops? Yeah I love the logo: “Just like Grandma’s favorite hoop”

Lecien Embroidery Hoop

I went to my local supplier of cosmo thread. . . yeah my lqs is awesome!

Cosmo supplier


This pouch was really easy to put together. I didn’t do any modifications to the pattern except leave out the button. I want to do another one and add a zipper or Velcro.

Delightful Linen Pouch Actionshot#1

I lined it with my favorite Flea Market Fancy pattern:

Inside Actionshot

Oh, I totally lied – I didn’t use is the suggested interfacing – I used shape flex fusible interfacing. Yeah, I’m a rebel. Reasoning? Well I just wanted it to be more shapely and I knew shape flex would give me that result.

I also figured that the front of the pouch – is a blank canvas so decorate it how you want.

Project Breakdown:

Linen: Black Yarn Dyed Linen by Robert Kaufman

Cosmo thread (variety)

Fabric (front) Summerlove Naivety Berry

Lining Fabric Flea Market Fancy Legacy Dots

Binding unknown (I’m betting something by Lecien)

Giveaway Details:

Now if you’ve been following along, each week we give (5) Aurifil sample packs. . but I thought I would add in a prize as well since me and Lindsey started this craziness. I’m adding in a signed copy of the Zakka Style book. So there will be (6) prizes that I’m giving away! Woot! (I’m using rafflecopter so if you need more info on how to enter please see video below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

How to Enter Rafflecopter Giveaways from Rafflecopter on Vimeo.


  1. MarciaW says:

    I had sliced roasted chicken breast on artisan rye bread with mayo, lettuce, and pickles. It was good!

  2. karen peachey says:

    my hubby made me a BLT with fresh tomatoes!! very yummy!

  3. I had cheese on toast (I’ve gone off so much food because I’m pregnant!!) simple but yes, yummy!!

    Wish we could get those hoops in the UK, they look brilliant!

  4. Mediterranean salad served in a freshly baked, still hot from the oven, pita! It was delicious (and one of my go to summer meals, ’cause it’s quick, easy and tasty).

  5. Peggy Gibbs says:

    Last night we ate at the bowling alley – 1/2 of a philly cheese sandwich and 1/2 order of fries. My husband and I usually share our orders so we don’t over-eat.
    Thanks for a chance.

  6. I had grilled chicken and summer squash. It was fine.

  7. Danique23 says:

    Love the use of the needlepoint!

  8. Joy McCalvin says:

    I had Steak & Veggies Taco’s it was Yummy!!

  9. I tried an amazing new recipe last night to use some mustard greens from the garden — Sarson Ka Saag. I also made Avacado Parathas. Both were delicious and came from

  10. For dinner? Curry of course. it was FABULOUS. Noms.

  11. Cheryl B. says:

    I had lemon pasta and asparagus last night for dinner, yum.

  12. Patricia says:

    I nearly skipped dinner and ate some fruits, bread and cheese.


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