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October 2012

Ruby Star Wrap-Along

Ruby Star Wrap-Along

October 28, 2012

Ruby Star Wrap-Along

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Welcome to the Ruby Star Wrap-Along!
Ruby Star Wrapping is a great book for “creating packages to reuse, regive, and relove!” And it’s just the right time of the year to showcase that. If you haven’t picked up a copy of the book here are some of the places to purchase:


Sew, Mama, Sew


Barnes and Noble

Random House

The wrap-along schedule is November 7th – December 19th. Each week you’ll see my favorite bloggers highlight a project they’ve chosen out of the book – see their fun twist on it. We’re not going in order at all, so you don’t have to either!!!

11.7.12 – Anna of noodlehead 

11.9.12 Amanda of A Crafty Fox

11.12.12 – Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson!

11.14.12 – Brooke of Pitter Putter Stitch

11.16.12 – Erin of Two More Seconds

11.19.12  – Jennifer of BettyCrockerAss

11.21.12 – Rochelle of Lucky Lucille

11.23.12 – Sukie of Sukie – don’t you know who I am?

11.26.12 – Elizabeth of Don’t Call Me Betsy

11.28.12 – Gina and crew of Bolt Neighborhood

11.30.12 – Ellen of the Long Thread

12.3.12 – Katie of Swim, Bike Quilt

12.5.12 Faith of Fresh Lemon Quilts

12.7.12 Lee of Freshly Pieced

12.10.12 Maureen of Maureen Cracknell Handmade

12.12.12 Sara of Sew Sweetness

12.14.12 Colleen of The Busy Bean

12.17.12 Amy of Diary of a Quilter

12.19.12 Monica of Happy Zombie

Are you interested in joining the fun and having a chance to win some great prizes? Each Monday 10am mst, I’ll have a link-up party on my blog.  This is your chance to showcase what you’ve made from Ruby Star Wrapping.  The link-up party will close on Saturday 10pm mst (one entry per person and you can’t link the same one twice). I’ll draw a winner on Sunday and send the winner an email. Then another party will start the following Monday all over again.   But keep those links, because Sew, Mama, Sew will also have a link up party at the end of Wrap-along on their site so you’ll have twice the chance of winning something fun!

Sew Mama Sew
What’s up for grabs? Well, when I contacted Melody Miller about the wrap-along she was so sweet to donate items for the giveaway!

My creation
(Top Left: Tree Skirt with decorations, top right: vintage notions with Ruby Star fabric
Bottom left: Vintage notions & arrows from Melody’s booth, bottom right: octopurse made from Melody’s fabric line)
($40 gift certificate to Gelaskins)

On top of the items mentioned above – we have great online stores sponsoring the Wrap-Along with gift certificates and prize to their shops!

Drygoods Design

Pink Chalk Fabrics

Pink Castle Fabrics


If you don’t have the book already you have plenty of time to order!  Better yet, why don’t I giveaway a couple copies!!  Giveaway is open til Wednesday.  I’m using Rafflecopter for entries – if you don’t know how to enter please watch the short video below for further info.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How to Enter Rafflecopter Giveaways from Rafflecopter on Vimeo.

Sewing, Sewing Summit, Weekender

Sewing Summit 2.0

October 24, 2012

I’ve finally recovered after a week’s vacation + sewing summit. That’s right! I took the whole week off then I attended Sewing Summit. It was awesome and exhausting at the same time.

I don’t know what crawled up my ass but I thought it was a great idea to try to make the Weekender bag by Mrs. Amy Butler. . yeah and somehow I convinced Colleen to join me. We sat down and made a plan and gathered our supplies. A long time ago, I bought a fat quarter set of Outside of Olso by Jessica Jones. If you’re interested in purchase some, it’s still totally available:

The Needle Shop

Marmalade Fabrics

Drygoods Design

Weekender + Outside of Olso

Hauling my machine, supplies, and kid to Colleen’s house was easy. . .it was assembling the bag that kicked my ass.  Recently, I used Mrs. Fransson tutorial Mod Mosaic block and thought, “Hey! Lets do that on a bigger scale with Outside of Olso!” For the sashing (grout lines) I decided to use denim and make them 1″ finished. I also used the denim in the zipper part of the bag (saddles). I love how it turned out:

My creation

(More pictures are available on my flickr feed)

I want to give a special shout out to my good friend, Colleen – thanks for the help buddy!

Now off to Sewing Summit – I went last year and if you missed my post then here click here.  I think this year was a lot better for many, many, many reasons.  Sewing + bloggers = a fun packed weekend for all!  If you don’t believe me here’s a bunch of pictures of a goofball:

My creation

There were a lot more hands on classes than last year!  Yeah, I took 5 classes that needed prep and since I spent the week making the weekender. . my prep work was shit.  Luckily, the instructors were awesome and the sewing rooms were open to 1am to help me get ready.  I have a couple WIPs to finish but I loved the weekend!!!

Friday night was the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild Mixer . . . basically a mixer for the attendees and our guild.  I was tweetin’ and instagram’in teasers all before Sewing Summit – if you could see the look on the bellhop’s face when he saw what he had to hail to the room, I mean you only could imagine right?


I think a lot of folks had fun. . well I hope they did. . . .We tried to get everyone who came a swag bag and if they didn’t we had tons of raffle prizes.

When fabric geeks go to a bar
(Photo courtesy of Liz of Goddess in Process)

SLMQG Mixer Swag

(Photo curtesy of Darcy of Modern Cozy)

I’ll be attending next year for sure – and I hope I was approachable . . . true, I’m not a shy person but it’s also weird for me to introduce myself to ppl.  I’m sure if you came up to me and said, I’m this person on twitter/flickr/instagram we’d become close like peas and carrots but I can’t just go up to folks and say, “Don’t you know who I am?” lol

Had a blast will see you at Sewing Summit 3.0!!!

Fat Quarterly Designer Challenge

Fat Quarter Gang Tutorial – Kindle Wrap

October 15, 2012


Today’s tutorial dedicate to my Kindle Fire:

Kindle Wrap Tutorial

Today I’m sharing with you how to make a “Kindle Fire Wrap.”  You’ll find the full tutorial here.

It’s a good mix of Pure Elements + Oval Elements.  I show you how to make the hour glass block so you can apply it to other projects as well.

Working with these lovelys today #artgallery @artgalleryfab

I’ve noticed that I’m loving more, more, and more solids in my creations!  Plus you can’t really ever go wrong with Pure Elements from Art Gallery.  A couple of online shops that I buy Pure Elements from are:

Do you want a chance to win the stack above?  Well just leave a comment on what your favorite Pure Elements color is!  I’m using Rafflecopter to draw the winner – if you need a video on how to enter please see below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



October 4, 2012

My blog has been hugely neglected. . sorry.

Fall is here and I feel like things are ramping up in the sewing community. I finally got my shit together and started another round of the 4×5 modern Quilt Bee.

4x5 modern Quilt Bee Badge

And then I’m been kind of knee deep in organizing the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild mixer at Sewing Summit. It’s basically a get together with our guild and the attendees littered with door prizes from manufacturers and stores that I hold near and dear to my heart.

This might be the best segway to why I addressed this blog post “negativity.”

While getting ready for Sewing Summit and other crzy ass things in my life. . . I’ve witness some pretty shitty negative actions in the last month.

I didn’t have a good mom growing up. . but somehow I learned manners on the way and how to treat people.

Treat people how you would want to be treat.

That’s like the golden rule somewhere right? (Someone look it up for me please!)  

But what if I’m only dealing with them online or through social media, doesn’t that give me the right to be as rude as I can be?  Being in front of your monitor and typing on a keyboard gives you a huge cup of liquid courage, I’ll have to give you that.  I don’t think that being rude and negative to make your point is the right way.   I do think that it sure makes you loud and others clutching my pearls.

Clutching My Pearls

Would it be different, if you knew that you were seeing the people in person?  Would it be different if you’re known for a negative act then positive?

When I see ways people treat each other negatively. . I more just shut down and make a personal note to myself that life’s short and I don’t need shitty people in my life.  I need quality friends and strive to make friends that will stick.  A good motto, is cut the fat.  Basically, don’t give these people more attention.  Stop following them or ignore them.  I promise, if you cut them out and don’t know what they’re saying then you’ll care way less and be a lot happier.

Life’s too short.

Oh if you think I’m just talking about Sewing Summit – grossly mistaken my friend.  I’ve seen it in the Zakka Sewalong and Art Gallery Fat Quarterly gang recently.  I’m not going to give examples. . .but if you search enough you’ll find them.

I hope you read this with a open mind , “But you don’t have to take my word for it. . .” -LeVar Burton