Sewing Summit 2.0

I’ve finally recovered after a week’s vacation + sewing summit. That’s right! I took the whole week off then I attended Sewing Summit. It was awesome and exhausting at the same time.

I don’t know what crawled up my ass but I thought it was a great idea to try to make the Weekender bag by Mrs. Amy Butler. . yeah and somehow I convinced Colleen to join me. We sat down and made a plan and gathered our supplies. A long time ago, I bought a fat quarter set of Outside of Olso by Jessica Jones. If you’re interested in purchase some, it’s still totally available:

The Needle Shop

Marmalade Fabrics

Drygoods Design

Weekender + Outside of Olso

Hauling my machine, supplies, and kid to Colleen’s house was easy. . .it was assembling the bag that kicked my ass.  Recently, I used Mrs. Fransson tutorial Mod Mosaic block and thought, “Hey! Lets do that on a bigger scale with Outside of Olso!” For the sashing (grout lines) I decided to use denim and make them 1″ finished. I also used the denim in the zipper part of the bag (saddles). I love how it turned out:

My creation

(More pictures are available on my flickr feed)

I want to give a special shout out to my good friend, Colleen – thanks for the help buddy!

Now off to Sewing Summit – I went last year and if you missed my post then here click here.  I think this year was a lot better for many, many, many reasons.  Sewing + bloggers = a fun packed weekend for all!  If you don’t believe me here’s a bunch of pictures of a goofball:

My creation

There were a lot more hands on classes than last year!  Yeah, I took 5 classes that needed prep and since I spent the week making the weekender. . my prep work was shit.  Luckily, the instructors were awesome and the sewing rooms were open to 1am to help me get ready.  I have a couple WIPs to finish but I loved the weekend!!!

Friday night was the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild Mixer . . . basically a mixer for the attendees and our guild.  I was tweetin’ and instagram’in teasers all before Sewing Summit – if you could see the look on the bellhop’s face when he saw what he had to hail to the room, I mean you only could imagine right?


I think a lot of folks had fun. . well I hope they did. . . .We tried to get everyone who came a swag bag and if they didn’t we had tons of raffle prizes.

When fabric geeks go to a bar
(Photo courtesy of Liz of Goddess in Process)

SLMQG Mixer Swag

(Photo curtesy of Darcy of Modern Cozy)

I’ll be attending next year for sure – and I hope I was approachable . . . true, I’m not a shy person but it’s also weird for me to introduce myself to ppl.  I’m sure if you came up to me and said, I’m this person on twitter/flickr/instagram we’d become close like peas and carrots but I can’t just go up to folks and say, “Don’t you know who I am?” lol

Had a blast will see you at Sewing Summit 3.0!!!


  1. Great recap, soooooooooooooooooooooo fricken awesome to meet you, glad I said, this is who I am!

  2. Dude, You recovered already?
    I am still catching up on sleep <- Old lady
    It's was so awesome to meet you, and I intend on keeping my promise to meet you there every year
    for the sewing summit. It was tons of good times, and all the things you did to make me and many others feel welcome was way beyond the call of duty. Cheers my new IRL friend Sukie <- I know who you are :)

  3. good follow up to the summit and I am in love with your weekender! I’m gonna buy some of that fabric right now.

  4. haha. Very fun post! SS was awesome & so was meeting you! Good times. And I’m so proud of you for tackling that Weekender! It turned out terrific!

  5. Love the weekender!! Hopefully next year I’ll be able to make it to Sewing Summit!

  6. It was so fun this year and I am in for next for sure! You were the hostess with the mostess thank you for such a great party.

  7. I so enjoy all SS recaps, hope to make it next year and meet you! Love your Weekender!

  8. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    LOVE your bag! The fabric choices and the mosaic ? Brilliant! WELL DONE!

  9. Your Weekender is gorgeous — I love that Oslo collection. My friend Lori and I are actually co-hosting a Weekender blog hop next month. I would have asked you to post if I’d known you were making one!

  10. Jealous! Next year I’m totally making an effort to go to awesome sewing conventions.
    p.s. I LOVE the way your travel bag turned out!

  11. I’m so glad that we met each other, and I only wish that we’d had more chance to hand out. But you and your team did an AWESOME job with the mixer. I still can’t believe how much swag you were able to get for everyone! I already can’t wait for next year!

    And I love your blog redesign, btw. Super classy. ;)

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