Paint it!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my project for the Ruby Star Wrap-along! Today, I’m showing my version of “Paint It.”

Paint It

No sewing required! Which is kind of weird for me since my bread n’ butter is sewing.  It was really fun and easy and really it took me an hour to finish the project.  I did this project before putting the big bird in the oven for Thanksgiving.


I did the project outside and I used a brown paper bag to help me guard from the paint.  Plus remember well ventilated area is a good thing!

DSCN2208I know this is meant to wrap up something and give it to someone else. . . but I’m going to be 100% greedy and I’m going to keep it for M Y S E L F! Since the project was so easy though, I’ll make it again for sure.

Oh yeah . . the hubby got in on the action, his is a little more manlier than mine because he used “chrome(not silver) paint.


I think my favorite part is seeing labels that we’ve seen all the time but in a different way ya know?


Remember – choose a project out of the book, make it, and link up! This week’s prize is pretty great (well pretty awesome!)  Melody’s donated a great prize pack of vintage fabric and notions with arrows she used in her booth at International Quilt Market.   Pink Castle Fabrics is also adding a $25.00 gift certificate to their store!

Vintage fabric & notions with Arrows

Pink Castle Fabrics


  1. Nice. The chrome is badass!

  2. Still need that book to be available here ;(

  3. Cute! I love the pin cushion jar.

  4. I like the idea of the pin cushion and I just purchased some paints to explore with. I love how your jars turned out. Thanks Sukie. Judith, Texas

  5. Great idea to use the paper bag to help control the overspray. I make my own jelly and love those jelly jars and I agree that it does make a person more aware of the beauty (jars) that we don’t usually think about.

  6. love these!!!

  7. fun that hubs joined in!

  8. Nicole Sender says:

    The chrome jar is great! What a great idea,

  9. Very cute! I had to laugh though, as my husband’s favorite color is also chrome!

  10. Cool, these came out really nice!

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