2013 Goals

You know how I’m an accountant by day. . yeah year ends are my busiest time of the year which included the beginning of the year too.

I tried to take the last week of 2012 off to hang with the family and get caught up on some personal projects but that didn’t happen as much as I wanted to.

So one of my first goals of 2013 is:

  • Get my priorities straight and keep working hard!

I get sidetracked easily.  It’s really hard for me to focus sometimes.  I want to do good things and organize fun things but in the end I get really stressed out and I don’t get the important things done.  Family has to be my main focus.  I can’t neglect my kids or husband for my hobbies.  I think I struggled a lot with this at the beginning of 2012 and it cause some major issues but now I’m back on track!  My 2nd priority is my day-job and keeping the ship in running order.

  •  Get organized and kick the junk to the curb!

OMG – I keep a lot of shit. . . seriously!  On top of that I’m a sloppy person.  I want to declutter and get my life organized.  I’m not going to be a super organized freak. . . there’s just no way I can be on top of everything at every moment.  That’s just asking for a lot of unnecessary stress.  Slowly, I can declutter here and there. . . get things to organize my life. . . . get the family involved and help out.  Day by day baby!

  • Keep maintaining my awesome friendships!

You know when I started the quilting hobby it was a way for me to be a hermit.  It’s turned into the best way to make really, really good friends.  I’m really grateful for the friends I have and continue to make as I get more “seasoned” in the quilting world.

  • Try to blog regularly

Oh man. . . I don’t blog nearly enough. . . right?  I would like to post weekly and post more on life and crafting in general.  I do post regularly on Instagram & twitter!  I try to be funny and you can see that through some of my pictures:

Being a goofball....the hubby doesn't notice at all!!!

 (Me being a goofball while the hubby plays on his phone and doesn’t even notice)

What are some of your 2013 Goals???



  1. Girl, this is an awesome list! There are a few things I’d love to do that you’ve mention! I’d also like to sew a heck of a lot more often, and quit being so damn shy!! A lot more outspoken, and outgoing would be great too. Not to mention keep up with my chores and a live much more healthy than I have been doing. Huni wants me to take boxing classes with him 😬, maybe I should start there??

  2. I like your list. I am still thinking of mine. BUt I did start on one…no two. I am planking a day and eating Paleo. That sounds gross huh?

  3. great goals!!! I wish I could come help you declutter, it’s my favorite past time. :)

  4. I need to get my WIPs finished!! I have a lot. Way too many. I am packing up to move and geez, this many wips probably isn’t allowed by the sewing or quilt police.

  5. Ronnie Haley says:

    Happy New Year! Declutter?! Me too. Top of my list! You are such a good person to share your beautiful work and thoughts with everyone. God Bless you and your family! Always an inspiration, and a big smile!

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