Origami Star – How to!

OMG! So this is my 1st How to: YouTube video so hopefully you’ll go easy on me!

Back in Jr. High – my friends and I would fold hundreds of these stars! Then we’d put them in a jar and it was this cute craft right? So other folks listed wrote their wishes or dreams on the paper.

If you’re looking for already cut paper with cute kawaii characters ck Etsy out.  I might get back into folding these little suckers!



  1. Ah! I remember making these too!!

  2. i can fold them fine but they don’t push out into 3d-i’m using origami paper-is that it? i’m thinking it’s just too thin…but love them and thanks for the tutorial-i hope i can get it!

  3. Thanks for the how to! :)

  4. My son is sitting at work doing this right now.. I will share later

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