Week 7 – #vintagequiltrevival Block Along

You know – I had some serious doubts about keeping this thing going. But now that I’m looking at Week 7 and there’s only 3 more weeks to go. We’re going to do it!!! And I thought about all the folks that may be starting. . .don’t be ashamed that you’re not with the rest. Start now! Link what you have – no judging here!!!

I’m still behind in making my Chicopee blocks – I haven’t done past week 1. . . and I want to make 40 blocks. . . . oi!

This week we’re still doing foundation paper piecing – but lets throw you a twist called a, “Partial Seam!” Yeah we’re looking at the your Tilted Star!!!!

I loved the way the Wheel of Fortune Block tuned out! I tried to mirror the prints on the other side of the star. But framing in with the blue makes the block super cute.

The next block you tackle a partial seam!!!! Yes, and that jacked me up. . . I’m not a pro at partial seams at all. . . my block turned out a little wonky and not right so I had to unpick it. and sew it together. Here’s my pointers on partial seams:

After you’re done constructing the star points -

  • I would take the paper off. Usually, I leave the paper on and sew the whole thing together because the paper helps me stabilize it.
  • Watch the video below to help you better understand how a partial seams works:

Don’t hesitate! It’s a great block and I’d make more (if I had time)!!

Last week’s winner is the lovely Mrs. Sarah – she’s making all her blocks out of solids.  She’s using Modern Solids by Alissa Haight Carlton for In the Beginning.   There’s a couple folks that are doing an all solids sampler and I love how they look!!




  1. Link up your block(s) (this means you have either blog about it or uploaded to the flickr group). Put your link below!
  2. You can only share once – if you’ve made both blocks, THAT’S GREAT!!!! If you have only made one block, that’s okay. The goal is to keep us motivate – this isn’t a race!
  3. A winner will be drawn on the Monday before Tuesday’s post.
  4. The winner will be rewarded with an awesome fabric bundle from the sponsor that week.
  5. The winner has a Pay It Forward prize as well!! That’s right, I want you to share the wealth if you win – meaning that you have a chance to give the book away to a friend or family member!!! Just get me the addy and I’ll ship them a book.
  6. No multiple winners – if you’ve won once then that’s that.

This week’s sponsors are:

The Fat Quarter Shop was founded in 2003 by Kimberly Jolly. Kimberly began her shop as a side business while still working a corporate position, cutting, packing and shipping right out of her house during evenings and weekends. A great inspiration story of a entrepreneur making a successful business for herself

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  1. Ginger Komiskey says:

    I absolutely love your book. After I ordered it my daughter said that she has met one of the authors. I have mentioned the book to my local fabric supplier “Phat Quarters” in Galena IL and I think that one of the clerks is ordering the book as well. It is so well put together and easy to follow. I’m loving it!

  2. These were my favorite blocks yet. Paper piecing is prime!

  3. I was agonizing with the partial seams. The book’s explanation wasn’t enough for this old gal…and then I discovered the video. THANK YOU.THANK YOU.THANK YOU. You have saved my life. I was making something difficult that really wasn’t at all. Adore the book. Can’t believe we are down to only 4 blocks left. Thanks for all of your work and the work of the other gals. You have made this such a special experience for me. genie

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