Echino Layer Cake Swap! #JapaneseCharmSwap Round 3

It’s time for the next round of Japanese Charm swapping and this was is a little different.  I want Echino!  And since it’s a larger print, I thought a layer cake would be great for swapping.


If you haven’t been in a charm swap before – PLEASE READ over the rules!!!

If you have been in a charm swap before – PLEASE READ over the rules!!!!

  1. There will be only 28 slots available aka openings since it’s a layer cake and not a traditional charm swap.
  2. You must be on Flickr (you don’t have to be super active, just have an account).
  3. Join the Flickr Group – it’s there that you can post your fabric selection and ensure that we won’t have doubles.
  4. Quilt shop quality fabric only.  Now I’ve arranged a great shop for you to buy at with a great discount (more info below!)
  5. Purchase 2 yard of Japanese fabric and cut them into (28) charms.  Oh Fransson! has a great tutorial on cutting charms, just remember instead of doing 5×5 you’re doing 10×10. When in doubt post to the group for confirmation.
  6. You will send 28 charms – addy will be provided in a confirmation email.
  7. Postage is $6.00 for US and $20.00 for international (this could change depending on location)
  8. US Swappers must ship by


Don’t worry about shopping around – you should hit up Bunny Designs on Etsy.  She’s got a great selection of Japanese fabric and is also providing a 20% off discount code for shoppers.  She’s also has a dedicated section to Echino. Please use code: SUKIEDONTYAKNOW expires 7.23.14 at midnight.



Ang will ship your fabric to my house – she and the crew will even cut it into charms for you.  If you are ordering more – PLEASE separate it into 2 orders and put in the notes that Sukie’s Japanese Charm swap for the yard that needs to ship to my addy.

****The discount will not apply to “CLEARANCE” fabric**** You can purchase it for yourself but not for the swap.*****

You still have to paypal me the postage.

To sign up – please click on the live form below:

{Swap is FULL}


  1. I’m in!

  2. I’m IN too!!!

  3. Amanda H. says:

    I signed up! how long before the confirmation email?

  4. will there be a wait list? I missed the sign ups :-(

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