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Christmas Blast + Week 2 #HKQAL

December 29, 2015

Christmas Recap:  Not a lot of people know this, but the hubby was jobless at the beginning of November.  He was looking for a job and landed one right at the beginning of December.  It put a bit of stress on the holidays but I knew he was going to find something great.  #nodoubt  We still have a couple rules so we don’t go overboard with getting gifts and keeping to a budget.

There’s a couple rules around the holidays that our family follows:

  1. No buying things for yourself from Halloween to Christmas (you might get it as a present).
  2. Each person buys one gift for each person in the family

Generally, Santa gives each person in the family one nice gift and whatever might land in our stockings.


I was a bit more direct with what I wanted this year and my family didn’t let me down (mind reading is for chumps).  Santa and stuff my stocking with Inside Out tsum tsums (stack-able Disney mini plushies).  And my daughter got me classic holiday tsum tsums (top row)


My son got me Trainwreck (if you haven’t see it, you better rent it tonight!!! It’s a great hilarious romantic comedy)

The hubby got me a Moment Macro Lens for my Iphone 6+ (took the hint very well).  Moment sells only (3) lens and I’m 2/3 (already got Wide lens).  Nowadays, I’m only taking pictures with my phone and getting lens for it to make better photos just makes sense.  I do still have a point n’ shoot but the phone is so handy.  Below is an example of what this awesome lens can do.

Okay yesterday I posted about my @moment macro lens here's an example in picture form. Top is without and Bottom has the lens attached to my #iphone6plus . Fabric picture is from the new line by @carolynfriedlander #carkaifabric #momentlens

Top is without and Bottom has the lens attached to my #iphone6plus . Fabric picture is from the new line by Carolyn Friedlander‘s Carkai Fabric


How did everyone do on last week’s blocks? I got caught up on cutting my (2) #HKQAL quilts and started piecing over the Christmas holiday.  It was nice to just sit there at my machine and sew. Here’s my week #1 blocks all together:


#HKQAL Week 1 Blocks (1-4) together



Block 1


Block 2


Block 3

Block 3


Block 4

Block 4








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