Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAK Week 1 Blocks

December 22, 2015

#hkqalweek1Let’s get this party started! How did everyone do on their cutting?  I was busy cutting all weekend, I’m 95% there.  I would be there a lot quicker but I decided to cut for 2 #HKQAL.  Yes, cutting two of them at once is a bit of a PITA but I think my nieces will love their quilts.  One quilt will have a blue border while the other one will be more scrappy.

Refresher on Cutting:

Remember cut along the width of the fabric.

  1. Line selvage to selvage with the folded edge closest to you
  2. Lay your ruler (preferably 6.5×23) on the fabric
  3. Line a horizontal line on the ruler to the fold of the fabric
  4. Move the ruler to the edge on the right side of the fabric – cut off a small strip of fabric, creating your straight edge #squareitup
  5. Carefully rotate your cutting mat and start cutting 2.5inch strips
  6. Keeping them folded, lay your 2 strips on top of each other
  7. Square up the edge/trip selvage off
  8. Start cutting 2.5×2.5 squares

Note: Fat Quarters = 56 squares

Again, reminder cut all your squares up first and then mix them up!  The scrappy-er the better with this one.  Don’t overthink your fabric choices.  I would suggest putting a couple of solids in there for the light|medium|dark grey since it’s the outline of the kitty.  The block instructions and legend are below – pretty self explanatory.

Pressing:  I noted on block one which way you should press your blocks if you prefer pressing you seams side to side.  If you want to press your seams open then ignore those arrows.  Press the way you want to.  There are merits to both ways.

I’ll post updates on my week 1 blocks in next week’s post and on my Instagram profile.  Remember if you’re following along, I would love to see your blocks!  Tag me on IG, FB, or even email me!! Can’t wait to see your #HKQAL

More info on the #hkqal (link in profile) here's the cutting instructions though. I'm going to pull fabric tonight!!!








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  • Reply Lissa December 29, 2015 at 9:50 pm

    What lucky nieces! 😉

  • Reply Matt Kreger October 30, 2016 at 11:09 am

    I’m just getting started on this. My first quilt. It looks like the blown up diagram for block 3 doesn’t match the diagram that shows all four blocks together. In the latter, there are one row of 6 white and a row of 5 white and 1 LG. In the blown up version of block 3 it’s two rows of 6 W. I’m going to assume the one with the 1LG square is right. I guess it won’t make a huge difference in the end…

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