Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAL Week 4

January 12, 2016

With both rows being done, I sewn them together and took a picture of it.  Once I complete Row 3 & Row 4, I’ll do the same thing and then sew it on to the first two rows.  I like seeing it come together, you can do that if you want too or not (up to you).

If you’ve been following the history of this quilt, the first ones I did I used white on white more and not so much low volume/low tone prints. The way I setup this QAL, I wanted you to choose the fabrics because it’s your quilt. After piecing these two rows together, since I used more low volume/low tone prints the outline of the kitty gets a bit lost.  Overall, I think it will end up great, it’s just way more patchworky then the other ones I did.  #noregrets

Note: I went back through my Instagram history and tagged my older quilts for you to look at <#HKQAL>


Block 1-12 #HKQAL

Block 1-12 #HKQAL










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