Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAL Week 8

February 23, 2016


Okay don’t worry, I’m not dead. . . just got really busy and then got this flu like illness that put me in bed for a while. Luckily, I’m better! Still have a cough but I’m better and let me say, sorry for putting us behind!!! I did manage to infect the whole house. Someone please nominate me for, “Wife/Mother of the Year!”

This is the 2nd to last week though (unless you’re making a twin size then you got a bit more piecing to do and we’ll cover that in March)!!! How are your kitties looking? I’ve seen a couple pictures via Instagram under the #hkqal and lovin’ everyone’s progress. I can’t wait to see the kitty army of quilts!  











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