4×5 modern Quilt Bee

4x5 modern Quilt bee
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What is a sewing bee? 

  • It’s a gathering of friends and family who come together to work on creating a quilt.  Very social event!

Tell me more about 4×5 modern Quilt Bee.

  • It’s a virtual bee meaning that all the activity is online and on Flickr.  Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application.  There is a dedicated group for the 4×5 members to post their pictures of their blocks and discussion.
  • Currently, we have over 200 members.  Not all are active of course and they choose when they want to be active in the group
  • There are 3 quarters in the year.  This is based on the year and how many admins are moderating the group.  Since we have 3 “queens” we’ll have 3 quarters.
  • We have many international members too and try to place at least one international person in a group
  • We have 9 groups of 6 people.  The group does include a “caretaker” which is the person in charge of making sure that everyone mails on time.  If there are any questions then they go to the caretaker first.
  • Blocks have to be 12.5×12.5 unfinished
  • Each member makes a total of 5 blocks in their selected block pattern but in the member’s selected color scheme
  • This is a stash bee – meaning no one sends fabric
  • The members try to use modern fabric favorites
  • Blocks go towards making a sampler quilt.  A sampler quilt is a quilt where every block is different but the blocks are the same size.  Here are some examples of sampler quilts:

My creation(Top Left: Don’t Call Me Betsy’s sampler,  Right: A Quilter’s Table Sampler Bottom Left: LollyQuiltz’s sampler, Right: Rebecca’s Rags sampler)

 How do I join?

  • You have to be active on flickr.  We look at your recent flickr activity.
  • Have to had previous online swap experience
  • Have the same modern tastes
If you’re interested in joining please head over to the flickr group and apply!