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4×5 Modern Bee

4x5 Modern Bee, Fransson Quilts

Sewing Weekend

January 7, 2013

If you missed the sign-up for the 4×5 Modern Quilt Bee, there’s a waiting list.  Also Quarter 3 starts in March. . .

4x5 modern Quilt bee

Fall/Winter quarter has past and I’m way, way, way late in mailing my blocks!  If you aren’t on Instagram/twitter – the block pattern I choose was made by the taleted Joanna of Shape Moth.  The block is called Snow Cristal.  It’s a great paper piece block.

Snow Cristal block by Shape Moth

(Picture of the Pattern provide from Shape Moth)

Snow Cristal Blocks for Hive#8

(My finished blocks for my bee mates)

The parts I struggled with is:

  • I didn’t add the quarter inch to each piece at the beginning – main reason was I didn’t read the directions correctly.
  • And then making the block 12.5×12.5 was a bit frustrating but I followed Lee’s instructions from Freshly Pieced and squared that sucker up.

The other quilt I started working on was the next one in Practical Guide to Patchwork Project – Valentine.


The colors that I’m going with it Yellow, Grey, Navy Blue, and Green. I was able to finish a quarter of the blocks this weekend and I’m really loving how it’s looking so far! If you have scraps this is a great pattern to use it with!!!

Valentine blocks

All n’ all . . I had a great productive weekend! Did you???

P.S. I’ve been asking the general crafty public if they have xmas fabric scraps they they want to get rid of if so please let me know. thanks!

4x5 Modern Bee

4×5 Modern Bee blocks

April 17, 2012

The weekend was semi productive. I got my blocks done for my bee and I really, really, like how they turned out:

Hive#8 Qrt 1 4x5 blocks

My colors for the bee is red, yellow, and grey.

4x5 Blocks
(I’m missing a couple blocks that I’ve already received in this pic)

How big am I planning to make this quilt. . hmm. . . well the blocks are 12.5×12.5. After this quarter is done, I’ll have 15 blocks. I’m thinking of adding a light grey stashing between each block. Still how big. . hmm Some parts of me wants to do another quarter and get more blocks!!! Eek, then the other side of me is like – you’ve got a crzy ass schedule so you shouldn’t do it.  Maybe I’ll add the Summer Sampler blocks to this mix. . . ha!

I’ll make up a page on my blog to discuss more details on what the 4×5 modern bee is about . . soon.

4x5 Modern Bee

I’m craving a coke!

April 11, 2012

You know when it’s like a super hot day and you reach into the cooler and pull out your favorite drink (mine would be a coke) .  You pull that tab and hear that sweet sound of the carbonation being released into the air. . you take a good long swig. . .and a small “ahh. . .” comes out of your mouth, yeah I had that moment last night.

Yeah I actually designed a 12.5×12.5 paper pieced block for my hive this quarter. Here’s what it looks like:


(Debbie’s Block)

Yeah it’s super simple!!! And it took me one night to put the block together. . a couple hours because I had to figure out the math. I’m pretty sure I could bust the other ones out faster. I’ll do a tutorial on it and hope someone out there will make it.

I’m kind of under the gun with a lot of things in my life. . mainly it’s the end of tax season (oh yes, by day I’m an accountant).

So I’m in the middle of all these tax returns. . and I have other sewing deadlines. I blame myself really. . if I was more disciplined and organized. . . eh, once Monday hits, I’ll be a lot happier person ya know.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Quick Edit: just so ya’ll know. . I got my fix:

Got my fix!

4x5 Modern Bee, Sewing

Stash attack!

January 2, 2012

So it’s a new year and I’m thinking I have to be a little more bitchy and less easy going. . . wha?!?! Yeah I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to cleaning my house. . .I usually don’t do it til I either lose something or I have company coming over (and lately I haven’t had anyone coming over).

But I’m kind of tired of the mess, ya know? Like I need to crack the whip out and get all the stuff organized and in it’s place.

So most of the family was back to their regularly schedule program today except for me and Pepper. I took the approach of lets not try to gang-bust all the mess in one day. . . that’s just ridiculous. Baby steps. So first thing is to organize my massive fabric stash!!!

Organizing stash

Do you clean like me? It’s gets really freakin’ messy before it gets better. . . yeah but it wasn’t that bad.

I love the new year. . . you can go to pretty much all the major stores and they’re having some crzy ass sale on bins. I snatched these big clear bins up at the Lowes.

I was able to put all my WIPs (work in progress) into one bin and as I was putting them in I wrote them down. I want to get to the point where I’m just working on one project and finish it all the way through. . yeah basically not more WIPs. Insane right? Going by the list I have about 13+ WIPs. . . not bad. . . I think only (2) are quilts. . . I think. . .


Speaking of WIPs. . . did I mention I’m hella behind on my quilting bees? Yeah I suck ass. . . here’s what I’m working on for my 4th quarter group for 4×5, whatta ya think?

4x5 block

4x5 Modern Bee

4×5 Bee Action

September 8, 2011

So you remember that bee that I help setup and am apart of? Yeah gotta start working on completing those blocks for my sister peeps!!

It’s involves hexies!!

Elaine’s colors was Red & Aqua so when I went to my stash I found that Sherbet Pips and Lil’s Apples did the trick:

4x5 action for Elaine

Michelle’s colors were in the macho blues and greens and so I think I cute up some of my DS fabric that I’ve been saving for my Single Girl quilt:

4x5 action for michelle

Laura wanted green, grey, and aqua – what do you think?

4x5 action for laura

Sharon wanted olive and coral. . I like the apple in the center.

4x5 action for sharon

And Janeth. . oh boy. . she’s got some colors that I’m kind of uncertain of. . . mustard yellow and raspberry. . . did I do okay??

4x5 action for janeth

Tomorrow night I will hand sew them together and then add them to the master block. I hope I did good. . . with pinpointing the colors. I can still change it out. . . . do I need to change something out. . . doubt. . . doubt. . . doubt. . . .