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Planetarium top help me decide backing!

September 9, 2012

This weekend was filled with sewing! The Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild (slmqg) had their Sew Saturday and it always a good break for me to get away from the family and sew for 5hrs straight. Well when a bunch of friends get together to sew, there’s more chatting than sewing. It’s super fun! If you don’t have a guild in your area, why not just get a couple buddies together and sew?

I had a couple frustrating moments during Sew Saturday. . . blocks were messed up and I had some quality time with a seam ripper. Yeah if I wasn’t around people, I’d be yelling “F*&v My Life!” This week I’ll be focusing on finishing those dang bee blocks! argh!! Maybe I should start taking things that don’t take a lot of brain power to Sew Saturdays. ha!

Anyway, I finally finished the Planetarium top, here’s a couple action shots



Close up action shots of blocks

One printed border!I did one block with Geisha Passion as the border and not solid because I didn’t have a lot of pink border blocks (if you noticed).

Okay here’s the fun part – I’m going to let my readers help me decide on what Indie prints or print I should use on the back.

Here’s the choices:

Wonderlust in Soleil

Wonderlust in Soleil

Geisha in Passion

Geisha in Passion

Dynasty in Mandarin

Dynasty in Mandarin

Wonderlust in Luna

Wonderlust in Luna

Geisha in Bliss

Geisha in Bliss

Dynasty in Saffron

Dynasty in Saffron

Oh for helping/voting, I’ll choose a random voter to winner this lovely bundle of Modernology!

Modernology Fat Quarter Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m using Mr. Rafflecopter for the giveaway and if you don’t know how to enter please take a minute to watch this short video!

How to Enter Rafflecopter Giveaways from Rafflecopter on Vimeo.

Fabric, Fransson Quilts, QE4

A new toy

August 3, 2012

Ah yes, I got me a fancy new machine.

New machine

I really like the pfaff brand mainly because my ole select 4.0 has been really good to me. So I was talking to my hubby when this opportunity came up to buy a new machine that I would “pop” on it.

When I first got into the sewing hobby, I spent around $300 on a machine. I didn’t want to invest a ton of money into a machine because what if I was fickle about sewing (meaning what if I ended up sewing for a time and giving up on it). Then spending $300 isn’t really that bad of an investment.

As the years pass and I get better and better at sewing, I thought I should get a better machine. Then Mrs Lee posted about her new purchase and I just got down right jealous ya know? So I went shopping. . more like test driving and I knew the upgrade to my Select 4.0 was a Quilt Expression 4.0.

And I got it Wednesday. . . but if you’ve always sewn on a mechanic machine and then upgrade to a computerized one. . . it’s like I’ve been driving a manual transmission car and then along comes an automatic. “Wait, where the hell is the clutch!”

I started pouring over the manual last night. . .and I’ve check the internet a gazillion times. .

Time to cut fabric and see how this puppy handles things.

Indie Quilt

I pulled my Indie stash with solids. I’m thinking this will be a nice warm fall quilt – and it’s the next pattern in my Practical Guide to Patchwork quilt.

Hour glass block

There’s a couple hiccups with the machine and I’ll have to do more research on fixing it but overall I am happy with it, but then I’ve only had like 1 hour of sewing time on the thing.


mmm . . mmm. . . Good!

July 31, 2012

So I think a bug crawled up my butt cause I’m in this ultra organizing my fabric stash.  I’m going to start a little destashin’ sale soon, does $1.50/fat quarters sound good?  (Plus shipping of course)  But really. . I might just give some of them away for good ole’ fun sakes.  While putting my fabric in it’s new home last night, I decided to separate all my solids from the prints and didn’t realize what a huge range of solids I had:

Note to self. . .

Nuts right? I was planning my next quilt and thought, “Oh I’ll need to head to the lqs to pick up some warm solids.” Um, not no more!  I would like more solids.  But I might need more storage if that’s the case.

I was sitting in my bed folding my beloved half yards of Madrona Road by Mrs Violet Craft while watching True Blood last night.  I’ve decided that show has officially jumped the shark!  But then I realize it’s like Daytime soaps, does it really need to be that awesome?  Not really.  But I might just end up rewatching Season 1 of American Horror Story – now that was good and leave True Blood unwatched on the dvr.
Madrona Road

I bought my half yards fr the lovely Mrs Amanda~ visit her shop and buy something for yourself!