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Fransson Quilts

Fransson Quilts

Getting back on the saddle! Giddy-up!

August 27, 2013

Oh man, it’s been so long since I’ve sat down at my sewing machine….. and if we’re being real, I still haven’t sat at the machine while writing this post.  Oh yeah, I got a new machine – going industrial baby! My new machine is a Juki 2010q and really have sewn once on it.

New Juki 2010q

Don’t worry though, I’ve been prepping to sew like nobody’s business. Have you seen the new line from Emily Herrick’s new line Technicolor? Yeah, I’m putting those beauties with Elizabeth Hartman’s Rapid City pattern. I’m thinking it will be a great mash-up!

Emily at market
(Caption: Emily’s the shit and that ole’ guy is like “Wha?!?! You designed this whole booth?)

Metro City + Technicolor


I just have to cut up the background solid and then I’m ready to rock n’ roll!  

I’m also in the middle of cutting up another HK quilt – I’ve been commissioned to make one for a good buddy – hopefully I can get that done quilt top in the next couple weeks.

I’ve designed a couple pixelated quilts designs and just hammering on colors etc.  One is for a quilt along. . . and the other is just for a friend/trade.  I can’t wait to get those done to show you.

Oh if you’re looking to order some Technicolor – here’s some helpful shopping links (call me #enabler) :

Westwood Acres (best fat quarter bundle pricing)

Hawthorne Threads (best pricing to buy if you select your prints)

Fat Quarter Shop

Fabric Worm

Fransson Quilts

Small Plates – finished!

March 25, 2013

I finally was able to get some pictures of my recent finished quilt – it’s 3rd quilt in Practical Guide to Patchwork project that I started in 2010 (damn knocking out 12 quilts is taking long).   The quilt pattern is called Small Plates:

Small Plates finished!(Front)

Back - Small Plates(Back)

This quilt was meant for a family-friend.  When I started picking out the fabric from it – she said she loved greens and purples.  So when Price Charming by Tula Pink (spring 2011) and Heirloom by Joel Dewberry (spring 2011) hit the market, I knew it would be a good fit together.  Well til’ I started putting the blocks together. . . I thought, “God this looks like a hot mess!”

Small plates layout


After finishing the top, and then sending it to a wonderful local quilter to finish it, I thought: “Well this isn’t that bad!”  I just used a Moda Bella Solid light blue for the binding.
DSCN2361It’s funny how things work out. . .

So when my dad saw the finished quilt – he wanted it for himself.  It made me laugh.  This hot purple, pink, and green quilt for my 71yr old dad.  Gotta love it.  So last week when I popped the quilt in the washer before work. .I thought I can’t wait to see it wrinkled up from the dryer.  I told my pops that it was in the washer and I still need to put it in the dryer.  Mainly because up to this point, he’s been asking me every week when he could have his quilt.  Eager beaver style.  I came home and the quilt was gone from the washer. . . and it wasn’t in the dryer.  Dad was so eager that he put the quilt in the dryer, folded it, and went on his marry way with it.

This morning, my dad told me, “Mom stole the quilt so you’re going to have to make me another one.”  Funny right?
Small Plates - direct sun (no filter)

Close up of quilting(Close up of the quilting)


Fransson Quilts

Get some hand sanitizer, please! *giveaway time*

March 13, 2013

Oh yes, I’ve actually been able to get some sewing time in.  I figure since I’m been working my ass off I should be able to sew it up for a weekend without feeling guilty.

Remember my Valentine quilt?  Well I was able to finish all the blocks and lay them out Friday night, and seriously loved how it turned out (yeah I’m tooting my horn, it’s tootable) :

Valentine progress


The whole day light savings time really messed me up and I didn’t get much sleep on Sunday.  I’ve got all the blocks sewn together and now I just need to sew the rows together.  I’ve got ideas for quilting it too.

It’s seems like forever since I was able to chug out a sewing project.  After this one, I’m spending some serious time organizing and destashing my fabric.  I’m way too embarrassed to show you my fabric piles right now.    Maybe to make me feel better about my fabric mess you can show me your fabric mess and I’ll give away my swag bag from Quiltcon as shown below:

Quiltcon swag giveaway!

Ways you can enter (open til 3.16.13):

  • If you’re on Instagram show me a picture of your fabric stash – use #sukieswag
  • Leave a comment here with a link to your picture of your awesome fabric stash be it on the blog/flickr/tweet
4x5 Modern Bee, Fransson Quilts

Sewing Weekend

January 7, 2013

If you missed the sign-up for the 4×5 Modern Quilt Bee, there’s a waiting list.  Also Quarter 3 starts in March. . .

4x5 modern Quilt bee

Fall/Winter quarter has past and I’m way, way, way late in mailing my blocks!  If you aren’t on Instagram/twitter – the block pattern I choose was made by the taleted Joanna of Shape Moth.  The block is called Snow Cristal.  It’s a great paper piece block.

Snow Cristal block by Shape Moth

(Picture of the Pattern provide from Shape Moth)

Snow Cristal Blocks for Hive#8

(My finished blocks for my bee mates)

The parts I struggled with is:

  • I didn’t add the quarter inch to each piece at the beginning – main reason was I didn’t read the directions correctly.
  • And then making the block 12.5×12.5 was a bit frustrating but I followed Lee’s instructions from Freshly Pieced and squared that sucker up.

The other quilt I started working on was the next one in Practical Guide to Patchwork Project – Valentine.


The colors that I’m going with it Yellow, Grey, Navy Blue, and Green. I was able to finish a quarter of the blocks this weekend and I’m really loving how it’s looking so far! If you have scraps this is a great pattern to use it with!!!

Valentine blocks

All n’ all . . I had a great productive weekend! Did you???

P.S. I’ve been asking the general crafty public if they have xmas fabric scraps they they want to get rid of if so please let me know. thanks!

Fransson Quilts

Planetarium – finished!

November 27, 2012

Well if you can believe it, I actually finished another quilt in my Practical Guide to Patchwork Project! The Planetarium quilt:


Most of the fabrics I used was Indie by Art Gallery. I paired it with solids that I had in my stash. . .yes, I have tons of solids in my stash. For the sashing I used Champagne from Kona solids by Robert Kaufman.


I don’t know what crawled up my butt – but I’m trying to use less and less white for sashing . . . .

The back I used the rest of the Champagne and the Geisha Bliss print from the Indie line.


The quilting was done my the wonderful Mrs. Kayli of Quilt Finishing.



Now if you go to our local Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild – you’ll already know who this quilt was for. I made this quilt for my close friend, Sarah. She loves fall and she always, always, always is making quilts for other people. So back in August my plans were to make her a fall quilt to give it to her in October. . well push that deadline back a month and I surprised her at our meeting with it. If you asked, what her reaction was on her face. . priceless! Oh wait! I had Marci record it too so you can see for yourself!!!