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L.O.V.E Denyse

February 14, 2012

So a couple years ago when I was getting into quilting and such, I fell hard for Denyse Schmidt fabric lines. But the lines that I loved were out of print and you can only buy it at a ungodly amount of money. Push that aside, she was still designing fabric and I started collecting and boy. . . collecting was what I did:


I was planning to make a the Single Girl Quilt. . . but I’m debating on that because, that pattern is so intense. Have you seen it?

So after a year of collecting from Katie Jump Rope to her new lines and making awesome items for swaps, I thought I need to TREAT MYSELF! and make a mini ode to Denyse. I decided to use Kelly’s L.O.V.E letter templates. Each letter would represent a line and I tried not to use the same fabric twice but I think I might of with the Hope Valley.


Now I shrunk the template down as much as I could without going insane with the paper piecing, but I think if I were to do it again I would increase it just a bit more.


(45mm Rotary cutter is in the picture to show you how big the blocks are)

L = Flea Market Fancy
O = Hope Valley (I needs more of that!)
V = Katie Jump Rope
E = New fabric collections that could be found at Jo’s

Here are close up’s of each block:


(Block 1)


(Block 2)


(Block 3)


(Block 4)

Now block 4, I decided to invert it – instead of using white on the background, I thought of using it as the L.O.V.E letters. I love the subtle difference.


This mini will go in my sewing room (or future sewing room) and so I added the corners for hanging purposes, if you’re looking for a tutorial go check out Amy’s blog.


So, if you’re into swaps right now. . why don’t you take some time and make something for yourself? TREAT YA SELF!

Oh btw – if anyone knows Denyse can you please pass her this note:

Love note

Quick Edit: I’m entering this in the Modern Mini Challenge!

Modern Mini Challenge

Mini, Tutorial

String Block Mug Rug Tutorial

February 11, 2012

Ah. . it’s finally my day for the Modern Mini Challenge. . . are you guys inspired? Are you working on your minis?

Modern Mini Challenge

On to my tutorial!!!

Today, I’m going to show you how to put together a mini string block mug rug:


1. Handful of favorite scraps
2. Construction paper
3. Fabric Glue
4. (8) 1×4 inch Neutral strips of fabric (I choose white cause I had tons laying around)

Step 1 –

Grab your construction paper and cut (8) 3×3 blocks like so:

Step 2 –
Lightly run a line of fabric glue from one corner of your 3×3 construction paper to the opposite corner and lay down your 1inch strip of neutral fabric like so:

Step 3-
Grab a strip of fabric. You want to line right sides together make sure they’re about the same length. Also another important thing to remember is to set your stitch length down to about 2 because you’re working with such a small block! (R E M E M B E R!!)

Step 4 –

(Warning have your iron on and near because you’ll be going back n’ forth for a bit) Iron piece open like so:

Step 5: Repeat 3 and 4 til you’ve reached the end the corner:

Cont’ the other side of the 3×3 block til you have all (8) square done and it’s time to trim!

Step 6: Trim all (8) squares up:

Step 7: Remove the paper . . it’s like removing your favorite coupon, fold and tear:

Step 8: Sew your blocks together!!!

Step 9: Grab some batting (you know the many tiny scraps you have lying around) and choose a backing for your mug rug, then make your quilt sandwich:

I just spray basted the batting because I don’t pin (ever) but just make your quilt sandwich the way you feel comfortable with!

Step 10: Quilt it how you want it. I decide to do straight line quilting, in the middle of each fabric row

Step 11: Bind it. . if you have spare binding laying around this would be a good way to use it!

This totally justify why you keep every piece of fabric around because you can use it on tiny projects like this! If you’re like me you kind of have heartburn just throwing any fabric away.

This seriously just took me a weekend to put together, not tedious at all!!

I am working one another mini so stick around and I’ll reveal that at the beginning of the week!

Remember what’s up for grabs!!!

The five winners:
James’ choice (Jen’s hubby’s favorite)
Viewer’s choice Mug Rugs
Viewer’s choice Mini Quilts
(mug rugs and mini quilts- the viewers choose from a selection chosen by myself and three other bloggers)
Luck of the Draw (Random Number Generator chooses 2 winners)

Both Viewer’s Choice Winners will receive a fat quarter bundle of the FULL LINE of Flea Market Fancy reprint by Denyse Schmidt.

Flea Market Fancy

James’ Choice Winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop
Both Luck of the Draw Winners will receive a $75 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop

Contest Requirements:

1. Create a modern mini quilt or mug rug – only one entry per person
2. Enter your mini quilt or mug rug in the linky party at Ellison Lane Quilts on Monday, March 5.
You do NOT have to have a blog to enter. You may link a picture from your Flickr account.
3. Your entry (blog post or Flickr description) should include the size of the item

Hello Kitty QAL, Mini

Some many things so little time

February 8, 2012

Ah another Wednesday and here’s what I got done.

I made a bit more progress on HK’s face, she’s got a nose and a chin! I’ve decided if you’re doing a pixelated quilt – have other items in the wings to work on because it’s boring and tedious kind of quilt.

HK Process Pic Actionshot 2

The other day, Kati dropped off a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, awesome gift!!! I love the heck out of it and I’m thinking of replacing my purse to carry it everyday!! A jane market bag made out of Washi fabric:

Washi Jane Market Bag

Washi Jane Market Bag

Thanks Kati! I love it!!!!

I’m still working on another mini for the modern mini challenge. Yeah I did the unspeakable – I cut into my rare Denyse Schmidt fabric. . the Katie Jump Rope and Flea Market Fancy. . Hope Valley. . and some of her new lines that can still be found at Jo’s. I don’t know if you have any out of print fabric but it almost pains me to cut it up, like you can almost hear the fabric screaming. But I reassured myself quick because I’m making something for myself to put on my sewing wall. Treat yourself! How are ya’ doing with your mini?

Sneak of Mini

Modern Mini Challenge

You know that saying you’re spread thin. . . well I can’t help it! I got the new Summer Love line from Art Gallery and like a bolt of lightening I got hit with inspiration. I’m working on paper piecing this block together. Have ya’ll done paper piecing? It’s kind of confusing to start but the results are amazing! Here’s what I got done last night:

Summerlove Paperpiecing

Can’t wait to cut up some more fabric!!!

SummerLove Fabric

How are you doing on your WIPs? I seem to be adding more to my list, eek!!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Mini mug rug tutorial. . . coming soon

February 6, 2012

Thanks everyone for the comments on the HK QAL shutdown, lets just say I had a really shitty week last week and I’m glad it’s over and it’s a brand new week.

With that said. . I finished my mini mug rug tutorial this weekend for the Modern Mini Challenge. It’s super quick and super easy! (that’s what she said) I might bust out another mini for the funsack sakes.

Mini mug rug tutorial ....coming some

Go visit Amy’s blog today for her tutorial.

Modern Mini Challenge

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