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Quiltcon Recap

February 26, 2013

Dang, I still can’t believe it’s over. . .

If you’re family or friends and aren’t into quilting, I was in Austin,TX for the last 5 days working.

Quiltcon is the first international modern quilt show.


I traveled with my good buddy, Marci (who really got roped into helping more than she volunteered for). We did our customary feet picture with ugly airport-carpet-backdrop:

Customary feet picture at the airport

Once we landed, I headed straight to the convention center to setup and it’s been a whirlwind since then. If you didn’t see me around, I was mostly manning the office and checking in instructors, here’s a few favorites:

Instructors of Quiltcon

Being behind the scenes and getting to talk to my heros was great! One great moment is when “the Butlers” checked in and I came back to the room and announced, “The Butlers are here!” David and Amy are just the sweetest and funniest couple.

The Butlers

Here they are drawing some inspiration from Denyse Schmidt:

The Butlers inspired by Denyse(hilarious right?)

I got to see some pretty dang awesome things when I actually was able to get away to the show floor:

Youngest FM Quilter in Stitchlab's booth(youngest fmq in the Stitchlab – she might rule the quilting world one day, so watch out!)

GFG Skirt(Grandma’s Flower Garden skirt – HOT!)

Just a small sample of the booths (at this point I should of brought my camera):
My creation

The quilts! I could only snap a couple of my favorites and I didn’t really get a chance to see who they were made by (if you know, please let me know so I can give proper credit):
Quilts from Quiltcon

Oh yes! If you were following via Instagram, I did get a tattoo – HK but it looks kind of gross right now so I’m not going to show it off.

I’m really, really, really grateful for the opportunity to be a Board Member and be apart of this great show.  Thanks to everyone who attended and volunteered – where would we be without your support.
The staff of Quiltcon

MQG, Self

You still have to answer the phone!!!

January 22, 2013

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would check in really quick. . .

My sewing is almost at a halt right now. . which is not a good thing but it’s to be expected with all the shit that’s going on for an accountant this time of year.  Tax season is in high gear!!!!

Speaking of, if you didn’t see the MQG news?




I’ve been keeping the news on the d.l (down low), so it’s kind of a relief to share it finally with our local guild, friends, and family.

So far, it’s been a crazy awesome ride. 

Nothing really changed except my fun world is mixing with my serious world and that’s causing a little multi-personality disorder.  Lets see if I can explain that without sound 100% nuts. . .

1. I don’t mingle with co-workers so they usually don’t see my fun side

2. Rarely, do I let my friends see me at work.  And when they do – I’m 100% serious.

So when you take my work-self + quilty fun self . . it kind translate to goofball treasurer. . not that it’s a bad thing but I have to remind myself that jokes are not always appreciated in certain situations. ha!   With that said, I plan to work hard for the MQG and still keep it fun.

p.s here’s a little video of my kids chasing each other around the house.  The main reason why I wanted to record this was because I was really worried that my kids being 11yrs apart would never bond and care for each other like true siblings but they do and that worry can forever be buried away.