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NYB Swap progress

June 1, 2012

I’ve been really chugging away at my NY Beauty mini/pillow swap (when I mean mini/pillow, I’m thinking of making it into both and letting my secret partner decide what she wants to do with it). Remember the NY Beauty sewalong. . .I thought it might be fun to organize a small group swap among some of the gals I know. Plus, I was thinking I wouldn’t do anything with my blocks that I made with my tutorial so why not put it in something. That soon changed because I really liked how it turned out and I thought I should actually put it in a quilt or something. (Waffling due to sewing curves is a biotch!)


So if you’re following me on the Instagram (user name sukie80) twitter, or facebook – then you’ve might have seen my progress pictures:

NY block#1
(May 27th First block – Pink Block#7)

NY block# 2
(May 28th Second block – Blue Block#8)

NY block#3
(May 29th Third Block – Green Block#1)

(May 30th Fourth Block – Orange Block#9)

I finished all the blocks pretty late but I had to sew them all together and then since the 3 colors that recur in each block is yellow, white, and grey – I thought I would add those as borders.
2012-05-31 07.29.59

I needed to add another grey border, but had to force myself to go to bed!

I’m racking my brain on how to quilt it. . . . . I’ll keep ya’ll posted!

Oh but the best part. . I happened to receive my pillow from my secret partner, Melissa!  It’s super gorgeous!

2012-05-31 18.20.38.jpg

THANKS MELISSA!!! The extras and the card was my totally my style.

2012-05-31 13.14.53

New York Beauty QAL

NY Beauty Block#6

April 8, 2012

Hey NY Beauty sewalong folks!! How are ya’ll doing on the blocks?? I’ll have to admit, I was going to just do my tutorial and not do anything else, but I think I’ve changed my mind and I’m actually going to make a queen size quilt out of multiple blocks. It’s almost like I’m forcing myself to get better at paper-piecing and sewing curves. Call me a sick bastard. . lol.

Sew Sweetness
Okay on to the tutorial. .if you’re looking for the template click here.

First thing to remember, paper piecing is like driving on the opposite side of the road! If you haven’t paper pieced before start with something easy and move to more intermediate stuff like these crzy, awesome blocks

If you’re just doing the traditional 8.5×8.5 block here’s your fabric requirements:

Outer arch: (2) 9.5×3.5
1st Spike arch #1,9: (2) 2.5×3.5
1st Spike arch #3,5,7: (3) 4.5×3.5
2nd arch: 7×3
3rd Sprike arch: (9) 2×2
4th Wedge: 4×4

The gals before me did a great tutorial on how to assemble the blocks ck them out:

Block 0: – My Go-Go Life
Block 5: Sew Sweetness
Block 1: Canoe Ridge Creations
Block 8: From the Blue Chair
Block 7: In Color Order

Now I’ve been thinking of “coloring outside the lines” with this block. First I thought of making (4) tiny block 6. . . then I thought that would probably drive me up the walls. Then the other option was to blow the blocks up! That’s right, I would blow block 6 up to be 12.5×12.5 unfinshed!



With a trip to the local copier store, I told the store associates the other arch has to equial 12.5 and they figured out how much to enlarge it by. But remember whatever size you want to measure the outside line with ruler minus the quarter inches.

To figure out your fabric requirements, just cut the wedges out and flip them over and place them on your fabric like so:

Fabric requirements

Now remember when you blow a block up the quarter inches aren’t correct and you’ll have to cut them down to make it right again. Use your rules for all the straight edges, but eyeball the curves. Trust yourself, you know what a quarter inch looks like!


Once you’ve cut all the fabric you need, fold all of the spikey paper arches, yeah it’s kind of a tedious thing to do but it will save you so much time!!!


Another thing – have a garbage can near by! Paper piecing = waste!


Match ride sides of the fabric together and add a quarter inch to the line like so:


Now when you start sewing. . I sew a couple stitches and then back stitch because it’s super secures it, but you don’t have to take my word for it:


Now here’s where all the pre-folding pays off! Fold the paper back and cute off the excess fabric leaving on a quarter inch like so (translation, you’ll only have to put your paper up to the light once):



Then you’ll know exactly where to put your next piece for the arch.


When sewing the arches to one another, I pinned the small ones til I reached the larger one, then I just used Nova’s tutorial on sewing curves without pins:

In all honesty, the paper piecing wasn’t the hard part of this block. . it’s the damn curves and sewing them together!!!

My next tip is fairly simple. . the pieces that do NOT involve paper piecing, I just use a fabric glue stick and run a thin line on the outer edge and press it to the fabric then it won’t slip while I’m cutting it:



Again use a straight edge and a rotary cutter when needed:


I hope my tips helped and you’ll be seeing more blocks from me later on!

NY Beauty Block#6


New York Beauty QAL

Excuse me. . um . . Excuse me. .

April 4, 2012

(no, I didn’t fart) Lets move the Zakka Style Sew Along aside for a couple days and concentrate on the New York Beauty Blocks!

I’ve gotta get my tutorial done for the New York Beauty Block #6!

Sew Sweetness

What fabric am I going to use? Oh how bout some Flea Market Fancy?

Pre-cut Flea Market Fancy!

(Photo courtesy of A Crafty Fox)

Then I’m off to work on my 4×5 bee blocks. . I’m cutting so dang close to deadlines, it kind of makes me sick.

4x5 modern Quilt Bee Badge

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Hello Kitty QAL, New York Beauty QAL

HK Progress

February 20, 2012

Ah dang, I left HK alone for a week or else I’d be done with the top this week. So now she’s got a hot bod:

Hk progress

I think I may need to change my way of thinking and be like my good bud, Kati. She seems to work through a project til its done. But I also have WIPs (work in progress) that I need to get done too. . . bleh. I think I need to a sewing clone.

In other news, did you see that New York Block Quilt Along??

First off, what the heck is a Quilt Along? It where a group of talented folks show other peeps that are interested in learning their techniques on how to make a quilt block or quilt.

The New York Beauty Quilt along is all about paper piecing. What’s paper piecing, I would describe it as driving on the opposite side of the road but with sewing. You almost have to think of making each block backwards. But the results are A M A Z I N G! Check out Kati’s mini quilt if you don’t believe me:

New York Beauty Mini Quilt 1

We will be working with 10 New York Beauty blocks, and you can get a preview of the blocks here. Each block instruction makes one 8″ x 8″ block (as shown in the graphics); you can either assemble 4 of the same block to make one large 15.5″ x 15.5″ block (as pictured above), or you can mix and match to make something beautiful!

Here are the approximate fabric requirements if you are planning on making all ten 8″ x 8″ blocks:

– 10 fat eighths for main fabrics (or 5 fat quarters or scrap fabric)
– 1-1/2 yards background fabric

Sew Sweetness

And here is the schedule for the block tutorials:

March 5 – Kim from My Go-Go Life {Block 0}
March 12 – Sara from Sew Sweetness {Block 5}
March 19 – Megan from Canoe Ridge Creations (Block 1}
March 26 – Kati from From the Blue Chair {Block 8}
April 2 – Jeni from In Color Order {Block 7}
April 9 – Amy from Sukie Don’t You Know Who I Am? {Block 6}
April 16 – Katy from The Littlest Thistle {Block 2}
April 23 – Lee from Freshly Pieced {Block 4}
April 30 – Amy from Amy Lou Who {Block 3}
May 7 – Lindsay from Lindsay Sews {Block 9}

If you are thinking about participating, please join the Flickr Group!
We’ll be sharing fabric choices and help along the way! (the group is over 100 members already!)

If you’re scared of paper piecing, this is a great way to practice and you’ll have tons of support. Challenge yourself! Grab the button and start picking out your fabric.