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I’m such a loser!

July 26, 2012

(Putting a big L sign on my forehead) I’m really behind on my quilting bees!  Yeah if you don’t remember my WIP post on Lee’s blog a month ago. . . I had about 20 blocks to do.  I’ve been busy trying to finish them by the end of July.  So far so good:

Megan's Block
(Megan’s block)

Elizabeth's block

(Elizabeth’s Block)

Colleen's Block

(Colleen’s Block)

Elena's block

(Elena’s Block)

I’ll let the block owner reveal the block when they’re good n’ ready.

So I’m looking at my list of WIPs and I’ve been thinking. . .

Each month my goal is to finish a WIP.  I gotta keep my WIPs to something that manageable ya know?  The first one that’s on list is my Prince Joel Small Plates.  I’ve put the blocks together. . and the top is done.  I’ve also got the back done.  I just need to finish quilting it.  I think in the whole process of making a quilt, I just don’t like quilting mainly because I suck ass at it.  Yes, I can’t get better at something if I don’t practice.  But I think I might just drop it off to my buddy Kayli to get it quilted since it’s been sitting unfinished forever!  argh!

I also want to update my blog. . .

Quilt Blocks

It’s all about bees

March 18, 2012

Good Monday to you. How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

My weekend was good. . except for the fact that the hubby and Pepper are sick. Mainly we hung out around the house some R&R for both of them so they can get better quick.

Thursday night, my local bee gave back most of my blocks. I choose to do have them do the carpenter’s star block based off Cherie’s tutorial. The most popular spin off of the carpenter’s block is the swoon block.

The main fabrics I used was from: Moroccan Mirage & Karavan, and Art Gallery Pure Elements.

I told the girls that they could decide what to use for the center. I also requested that (3) gals do whites as centers just to mix it up. Here’s what I got back:

Carpenter's Star block

It’s looking pretty awesome right?

Quilt Blocks

Got logs?

February 28, 2012

Well my 3rd and final classic log cabin block is done!

Last one

What?!?! Did you think I was making a quilt? Nope this is more a collaborative event . . . more to come later but here’s all them together:

Got logs?

What to tackle next? Well I have (3) blocks to do and these will be the Star block from the Summer Sampler Series.

Oh yeah. . and the NY Beauty QAL!!!!! I got some quilters linen in today and that will be the background of my blocks. Just using scraps, cause fabric is coming out of my ears.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

p.s HK is off getting quilted, I’m hoping to get it back and start binding it on Saturday hehe

Quilt Blocks

Testosterone anyone?

February 27, 2012

Okay if a block could ooze testosterone. . . would this be it?


Probably not.

But it doesn’t scream, “Girl Power!”

Another classic log cabin block, if you want to know the measurements (thanks Elizabeth for emailing me the math) to make 12.5 block here it is:


Hello Kitty QAL, Quilt Blocks

Blocks. . blocks. . blocks. .

February 26, 2012

It’s funny, it feels like I have a list of blocks to do and so little time.

Friday night, I took a little nap after work and then the hubby headed off to his poker night and I worked on the Hello Kitty quilt til it was done. What does that mean? Oh just staying up til 3am, crzy right? But it’s done and I love how it turned out:


Now I have to figure out how to quilt it. . any suggestions?

If you don’t know me, I’ve got a loud mouth and I’m such a complainer. I’m in a local bee and Rachel asked us to do the Interlocking Seasons block by Ms Parfait Cafe. I’ve got to admit one of the hardest block I’ve had to do and I’m still not happy with how the center block. It’s hard because I want to make something for someone and make it the best I can.

Rachels block

I’m also making a couple classic log cabin blocks, only got one done:

Log cabin

Kind of girly huh? The next one will be more manly promise.