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Reflecting on 2015 . . .

January 4, 2016

Year after year, I notice these trends especially in the quilting/sewing community.  Generally, people reflect on what they’ve made for the past year and then sprinkle in new resolutions for upcoming year.  I get a little discouraged seeing everyone’s projects they’ve completed and then look at my own.  Comparing myself to others is an annoying trait that I’ve tried to shake off. Sewing is a hobby after all and spare time is limited.

For 2015, I finished a couple minis and a quilt

Left: Leftovers Trip Around the World Lap Quilt Top Right: Sewtopia Swap for PDX Bottom Right: Alison Glass Mini Swap

Notable events in 2015:


  • Bought a new car in June.  We had a gas guzzling Acura MDX that was getting 17mpg and since I taxi around the family so much it wasn’t cutting it.  So we go a Honda HRV which upped it to 28mpg.  We love our new ride, the kids are squeezed in a little tighter but I don’t care. They’re getting a free ride so deal with it kid!


  • Attended Sew OK in July.  Took the Meadow Quilt class by Lizzy House and had a great time. It was fun to be an attendee and not the host. I still haven’t finished the quilt but it’s going to look great when I do.


  • Went to Yellowstone/Jackson Hole with friends and family.  Glamping was fun and we loved seeing animal traffic jams. I loved just disconnecting from the world for a couple weeks.

Artist Point at Yellowstone



Jenny Lake at the Tetons

  • Dressed up at the Poop emoji for Halloween. My job is very serious and one day out of the year that I can be funny, it would be halloween
  • Did Sewtopia Portland, had a great time! Got my 3rd tattoo when I was there and it’s been my personal motto


  • Decided to recommit myself to the blog and launch the #HKQAL

2016 Goals:

  • Keep blogging!
  • Gotta get in better shape. I’ve gotta incorporate exercise into my daily/weekly habit. I’ve got a gym membership but have to dust it off. I hate going to the gym but that’s a really lame excuse. I need to develop a workout plan and then execute. I don’t think the focus is weight loss (even though losing some pounds couldn’t hurt) but focus on strength building.
  • Go back to eating out less and eating in more. This helps with weight loss goal mentioned above. I noticed that when I eat in more, my weight starts dropping.
  • Declutter my life and help the family declutter.  I hang on to too much shit. I gotta get more organized and let things go.
  • List out my current sewing projects and start finishing them, even if they don’t suit my fancy anymore.
  • Make a garment, it could involve taking a class.
  • Sell our house and move into our dream neighborhood.  For many years, the hubby and I have been talking about selling our house and buying in the right location.




September 22, 2014

About a month ago, I decided that our family eats out too much.  We would eat out at least twice a week and sometimes more depending on how stressed out I was.  If you don’t know, I work full time and then I run a business at night, on top of “maintaining” a house, kids, and being a wife.  So yes, it gets pretty damn stressful and cooking dinner was one of the last things I wanted to do every day.  Seriously!

On August 24th, I threw this out on my facebook:


I wanted accountability – posting it publically to my FB friends would help motivate me to stay on track.  After I posted it, I told the hubby and kids we’re doing this!  They were reluctant at first . . . and kind of annoyed about the whole thing.  Add this to another one of mom’s crazy ideas but at least they humored me and said they would try.

We planned our meals for one week.  Tuesday and Thursday were leftover night, meaning everyone feds for themselves and the rule was anything in the fridge can be eaten.  That also gave me a break from cooking.

Monday | Wednesday | Friday I would make easy recipes because typically I work 10 hour days so I didn’t want to set myself up for failure.  Meals that take 1hr or less to prep and make were on the menu.  Time yourself!  Next time you’re thinking, “Hey we’re going to go out to eat” watch the clock – how long does it take you to load the family into the car, get to the place, order, and get your grub.  Most of the time it took us 30mins from beginning to end to get to the place and then get our grub, unless it was a sit down kind of joint, then it would take us longer.  There are plenty of meals and recipes out there that would take you 30mins or less to make.


I started posting pictures of my meals on Instagram more because again accountability! On the weekends, I would make more complicated meals, because I had the time!


Driving around hurt big time!  Damn drive-thru!  So to combat that urge to drive through, I put snacks in the car like a small jar of cashews or almonds.  If I can munch on that while running errands then I didn’t get the urge to do pick something up.  And really, I shouldn’t be grocery shopping on an empty stomach anyway!  The 2nd week, my teenage even got into it and suggested we make Mapo Tofu.


Going out for Gelato was great!  It was a reward and a milestone you know?  I think that if you don’t keep yourself motivate then you’ll fail.  Sure there are hiccups in the road but try not to beat yourself up too much and always be aware of hiccups compared to excuses.  If you’re going to fall back into the eating out routine then maybe you’re just not ready but once you’re ready – COMMITT!


That was a crazy bonus. . . we both lost weight!  I lost like 7lbs and I can’t remember what the hubby lost.  Now remember, we’re not eating out and that means at work too.  Work is stressful and stress leads to comfort eating (based on my experience and excuse).  “Oh honey, had a shitty day – lets go grab something.” Plus since we’re packing lunches, our portions are more accurate, therefore the weight loss.


Finally, week 4 is upon the family and we decided at the end we’d get sushi dinner out!  But we’re still continuing the challenge and will only eat out once a month.  We did still go get the occasionally Starbucks drinks, but we’re working on that too!  We also shop locally more . . . every weekend or other weekend, we make it a point to go to the farmers market for produce.  Overall, I think we have save $400 to $600 in the month.  That number hits you like a sock full of rocks right?!?!  Ditto.  I think overall, we’re eating healthier and saving money.

Remember when you were a kid and eating out was a rare occasion?  Well I wanted to bring that back and give my kids more than just junk food.  I hope I inspired you because if I can do it you can too.   I’m a wife and mother of 2 kids.  I work 10 hours days and depending on the week . . . I could work in the 60 -70 hr range.  I issue the challenge to you and your family.  Think about your meals for the week; take it one week at a time!  Don’t over complicate it.  Post your results in the comments!  If you’re on social media use #eatathomechallenge.  Remember at the end of the month, come together as a family and decide how to reward yourselves for all the hard work!

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The Color Run & ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 23, 2014



The Color Run is “the happiest 5k on the planet” and I loved doing it a couple years ago and thought I would participate again this year.  Actually, last year I signed up but was a lame ass and stayed out way too last the night before the race and couldn’t get up. I made sure I dressed up for the race – here’s my before and after :

But the best part was that I was #alsicebucketchallenge last night by my good buddy Rachel of Creative Quilt Girl.

I answered the challenge and I issue the challenge to:  John Q. Adams aka Quilt Dad, Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson, and Amber Carrillo Quesada of One Shabby Chick!  If you’re reading this and want to be challenged, I throw it out to you too!!!!

Lets spread awareness about  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”  The neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

Thanks Rachel for the Challenge!  Thanks to the folks at The Color Run for helping me coordinate with the Runicorn for dumping water on me!  And thanks to my running mates for filming it!

MQG, Self

You still have to answer the phone!!!

January 22, 2013

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would check in really quick. . .

My sewing is almost at a halt right now. . which is not a good thing but it’s to be expected with all the shit that’s going on for an accountant this time of year.  Tax season is in high gear!!!!

Speaking of, if you didn’t see the MQG news?




I’ve been keeping the news on the d.l (down low), so it’s kind of a relief to share it finally with our local guild, friends, and family.

So far, it’s been a crazy awesome ride. 

Nothing really changed except my fun world is mixing with my serious world and that’s causing a little multi-personality disorder.  Lets see if I can explain that without sound 100% nuts. . .

1. I don’t mingle with co-workers so they usually don’t see my fun side

2. Rarely, do I let my friends see me at work.  And when they do – I’m 100% serious.

So when you take my work-self + quilty fun self . . it kind translate to goofball treasurer. . not that it’s a bad thing but I have to remind myself that jokes are not always appreciated in certain situations. ha!   With that said, I plan to work hard for the MQG and still keep it fun.

p.s here’s a little video of my kids chasing each other around the house.  The main reason why I wanted to record this was because I was really worried that my kids being 11yrs apart would never bond and care for each other like true siblings but they do and that worry can forever be buried away.


2013 Goals

January 3, 2013

You know how I’m an accountant by day. . yeah year ends are my busiest time of the year which included the beginning of the year too.

I tried to take the last week of 2012 off to hang with the family and get caught up on some personal projects but that didn’t happen as much as I wanted to.

So one of my first goals of 2013 is:

  • Get my priorities straight and keep working hard!

I get sidetracked easily.  It’s really hard for me to focus sometimes.  I want to do good things and organize fun things but in the end I get really stressed out and I don’t get the important things done.  Family has to be my main focus.  I can’t neglect my kids or husband for my hobbies.  I think I struggled a lot with this at the beginning of 2012 and it cause some major issues but now I’m back on track!  My 2nd priority is my day-job and keeping the ship in running order.

  •  Get organized and kick the junk to the curb!

OMG – I keep a lot of shit. . . seriously!  On top of that I’m a sloppy person.  I want to declutter and get my life organized.  I’m not going to be a super organized freak. . . there’s just no way I can be on top of everything at every moment.  That’s just asking for a lot of unnecessary stress.  Slowly, I can declutter here and there. . . get things to organize my life. . . . get the family involved and help out.  Day by day baby!

  • Keep maintaining my awesome friendships!

You know when I started the quilting hobby it was a way for me to be a hermit.  It’s turned into the best way to make really, really good friends.  I’m really grateful for the friends I have and continue to make as I get more “seasoned” in the quilting world.

  • Try to blog regularly

Oh man. . . I don’t blog nearly enough. . . right?  I would like to post weekly and post more on life and crafting in general.  I do post regularly on Instagram & twitter!  I try to be funny and you can see that through some of my pictures:

Being a goofball....the hubby doesn't notice at all!!!

 (Me being a goofball while the hubby plays on his phone and doesn’t even notice)

What are some of your 2013 Goals???