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Halloween is over. . .

November 1, 2012

While the hubby and I were walking around yesterday taking Pepper trick or treating, we felt like this year we should of made a bigger effort with Halloween.

My son’s 13 and he’s just didn’t want to to trick or treating for the last couple years.  So we kind of had some light years of just bleh, hand out candy and eat good grub.

This year was a little different because Pepper’s 2 and she’s could actually go house to house and say, “Trick or Treat!” and “Thank You.”  It’s just funny that we’re doing it all over again and we’re having a blast with it.  So next year we’re going to try harder decorating our house and making it more inviting to the kiddies.

A couple weeks ago, the hubby suggested we go to this Pumpkin Regatta thing at a local park.  The local park has this big pond. . . consider this pond as many ducks’ toilet bowl.  It’s a gross pond, but hey lets crave your 1000lb+ pumpkin into a regatta and race that sucker against other folks that did the same thing!

Pumpkin Regatta in SL,UT

I’m walking around the pond and thinking this is freakin’ hilarious, right! Then I came to the best one yet. . a farmer put his kids into the pumpkin and he’s head to toe in scuba gear in this pond. His plan was to drag the pumpkin to the finish line. . . poor kids they just didn’t know what they were getting into:

(see how gross the pond is. . . yuck)

Fun times right!

Now that Halloween is over bring on the holidays!!!



October 4, 2012

My blog has been hugely neglected. . sorry.

Fall is here and I feel like things are ramping up in the sewing community. I finally got my shit together and started another round of the 4×5 modern Quilt Bee.

4x5 modern Quilt Bee Badge

And then I’m been kind of knee deep in organizing the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild mixer at Sewing Summit. It’s basically a get together with our guild and the attendees littered with door prizes from manufacturers and stores that I hold near and dear to my heart.

This might be the best segway to why I addressed this blog post “negativity.”

While getting ready for Sewing Summit and other crzy ass things in my life. . . I’ve witness some pretty shitty negative actions in the last month.

I didn’t have a good mom growing up. . but somehow I learned manners on the way and how to treat people.

Treat people how you would want to be treat.

That’s like the golden rule somewhere right? (Someone look it up for me please!)  

But what if I’m only dealing with them online or through social media, doesn’t that give me the right to be as rude as I can be?  Being in front of your monitor and typing on a keyboard gives you a huge cup of liquid courage, I’ll have to give you that.  I don’t think that being rude and negative to make your point is the right way.   I do think that it sure makes you loud and others clutching my pearls.

Clutching My Pearls

Would it be different, if you knew that you were seeing the people in person?  Would it be different if you’re known for a negative act then positive?

When I see ways people treat each other negatively. . I more just shut down and make a personal note to myself that life’s short and I don’t need shitty people in my life.  I need quality friends and strive to make friends that will stick.  A good motto, is cut the fat.  Basically, don’t give these people more attention.  Stop following them or ignore them.  I promise, if you cut them out and don’t know what they’re saying then you’ll care way less and be a lot happier.

Life’s too short.

Oh if you think I’m just talking about Sewing Summit – grossly mistaken my friend.  I’ve seen it in the Zakka Sewalong and Art Gallery Fat Quarterly gang recently.  I’m not going to give examples. . .but if you search enough you’ll find them.

I hope you read this with a open mind , “But you don’t have to take my word for it. . .” -LeVar Burton

Running, Self

The Color Run

September 17, 2012

Ah are ya’ll following me on Instagram (user name is sukie80)?

Well if you did, then you’ll know I ran *pathetically* a 5k this weekend called The Color Run.  Back in August, my buddy Erin tagged me on Instagram saying “even I could do this.”  Oh, I didn’t take offensive to that statement.  If you ever met me in person, you could tell my ass is flabby.  My legs are thick!  And well my gut is definitely a huge muffin top! So when she said that, I was like really??? Hmm lets look into it.

“Focused less on speed and more on crazy color fun with friends and family” – the color run

“Whether you are a casual morning mall walker or an Olympic athlete. . .” – the color run

I think watching the video pushed me over the edge to do it. . I saw a lady pushing a stroller with a baby!  If it’s that relaxed then I should be able to finish it no problem right?

SLMQG represents at the Color Run 2012
We started so clean. . . (left to right me, Erin, Rachel, Colleen, Marci, Elisa)

Family Affair

(That’s my hubby and son chatting it up at the Start Line – it’s a family affair)


(Hubby and I )

Right time right place

 Was at the right time and place for this shot (okay I’m think I’m kind of hilarious on Instagram or in general so follow me and judge for yourself)

Well we began the 5k and I was nervous about just collapsing from just being out of shape ya know?  I’ve seen enough of the Biggest Losers to know that people can throw up or just plain fall down for exercising.  And having some of my good friends there plus my family there was a little nerve racking for me.


I’ll happily report that I finished!  And got plenty colored up! Basically, as you’re running each K = a hit of color.

The color run map

After - not so clean


Hit Pepper with color!
Pepper didn’t run with us – but she did get a good hit of color from me! Plus she doesn’t care. . she chewing on Starburst anyway.

Yeah can you tell where my headband was?
(Can you tell where my headband was?)

Not that sore today... Lets be real it was an awesome experience!  #thecolorrun #slmqg @thecolorrun

Overall it was an awesome experience! I would do it again in a heartbeat.


A decision about food

August 7, 2012

Last night, I was working really late. . . I don’t think I got home til about 7:30pm. So cooking dinner was kind of out of the question, especially if you have a toddler that’s a turns into Ms Hyde when she’s hungry.

So I went to McD’s . . the golden arches. . .mickey-d’s. . . macca’s. . mackey-d’s. . .


Isn’t it a wonderful healthy choice for my family??

Well, I don’t know if you were like me when I was a kid – but we rarely ate out! Like it was a treat when we could get fast food when I was a kid.

So I got my lil’ toddler a chicken nugget happy meal last night. She ate all her fries and then didn’t eat any of her nuggets. So I’m sitting there getting more and more frustrated. You can’t just eat fries for dinner (sure that’s a great meal if you’re a teenager/young adult but you need some kind of nutrition even if it’s in the form of a deep fried nugget).

Like the one thing that sends me over the edge fast is picky kids + eating. With our older one, I just took it off the table. You know. . . “well if you don’t eat it I can get you this instead. . . “ I hate giving kids options because that means more work for me. I could of cooked a gourmet meal and they’ll not appreciate it at all. argh.  (don’t get me started on that either)

So there I am sitting there. . issuing threats at my toddler to eat this nugget and I thought, “What the fuck! If she doesn’t appreciate this meal that I bought for her. . . .THEN NO MORE MICKEY’S Ds!!!”

Hating McDonalds

Don’t worry, my next threat was that very same sentence minus the WTF.

So my decision on food was no more McDonalds (well. . . maybe to couple times a year). I think if we eliminate most of the fast food out of our lives then when we do have it, it will be awesome like a treat.  I think it’s just hard when we’re full time workers.  We work hard all day and the last thing I want to do when I get home is cook.  But if it means that my toddler will eat better then it’s kind of worth it right?  Plus it saves me from being the biggest bitch at the dinner table.


Did she drop off the face of the earth?

July 13, 2012

Why yes. . I think I may have dropped off the face of the earth well at least that’s what my blog looks like.

Here’s a quick update (in case you need to be caught up), the hubby and I got in a big car accident.  I went to empty out the car at the tow yard and it looking at the car it was just a lot worse than I remembered it being:
Crashed Nissan
But I do thank my lucky stars that we walked away from it with just cuts and bruises ya know?  And also the kids weren’t in the car with us.

I will say (2) things and one of them will sound totally stupid to you.

That was my all time favorite vehicle to drive and it was my dream car.  Sure, it’s 2012 and that was a 1996 Nissan Pathfinder.  But when I was younger that’s the one vehicle I said this sentence to:
New Car!

“One day I will owe you and I will love you and I will drive you into the ground” 

So after the vehicle was totaled. . I had to go shopping for another one. . .meaning. . a car payment. . more debt. . .So while it’s nice to have better vehicle, the downside is it’s not a manual. . . and it’s more debt. . and it’s NOT my NISSAN PATHFINDER!!!!!

The family loves the new car. . the kids especially.


I’m kind of glad that’s drama said n’ done with.  I’m still “tender” about driving about. . meaning I’m driving like an old lady and hoping I won’t get hit.  But with time that should be better too.

So if you’ve been following me on twitter/instagram (sukie80) the day after the accident I was scheduled for lasik surgery.  My vision was 20/1600.  Do you know what that number means?  Well the perfect vision number is 20/20 right?  Well being 20/1600 means that a perfect vision person can see what I see at 20ft away when they have to be 1600ft away.  Yeah legally blind or damn well near it.

Preop prep for lasik
(This picture represents a lady on a good pill of valium and needs some munchies)

After surgery. . .I was so dang attractive. . I mean you’d want some of this action right?

Nightly eye gaurd

When they checked my vision 4 days later I was at 20/30. . . it could take up to 6mos to get to 20/20.  And my night vision is shitty right now.  Yeah. . that’s why my blog is so dang neglected, when does a full time worker/mommy have time to sew. . well at night. . and when my vision is shitty at night what can I do but let my sewing machine collect dust.

So I picked up another hobby because idle hands are devil’s tools.  Cross stitching.


(Cute Pattern from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery)