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What Shade are You?

Today, it’s my turn on the RJR Blog hop for, “What Share Are You?”

RJR blog hop 300x250

This blog hop is all about working with RJR Cotton Supreme solids and showcasing how awesome the are to work with.   I’ve been meaning to use Carolyn Friedlander’s Shirts pattern for something special and this was it:

RJR Project

The colors I used was (all the colors can be found here:

  • Pink Orchid 331
  • Bougainvillea 333
  • Cloud 9 281
  • Bora Bora 328
  • Cove 294
  • Peridot 342
  • Golden Topaz 285
  • On the Rock 283
  • Gale Force 282

Amy Newbold B small


The pattern was really easy, especially if you have done foundation paper piecing.  If you haven’t Carolyn’s instructions guide you through each step!



I made this into a mini and made sure that it could support a dowel in the back. And I’m really happy on how it turned out.  Generally, I don’t just use all solids in my projects but with RJR Cotton Supremes – I think I will more!

If you would like to see other projects that were that were made with them, please visit RJR’s Facebook page!  Also Pink Castle Fabrics has a great selection too (I hear she’s having a moving sale so hop on it!!!)  


If you liked my bundle – RJR Fabrics is giving away a FQS – please leave a comment with what your favorite RJR solid is – and I’ll pick a winner next Monday (US and CAN only sorry).

Amy Newbold small



A weekend away!

So a couple weeks ago, a bunch of girls left to Kimberly, ID to have a weekend of sewing.  We stayed at the Quilt Barn in the Coop.

I took 5 projects and knock out all but one.  Pretty damn successful compared to last year when I just worked on 2.

The first was sewing together the Rapid City quilt in Technicolor (Pattern is in Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman):

Rapid City Finish

I’m going to add some borders to it and then make the backing. But I really love how crzy bright it is.  I foresee making at least another one!!!

The 2nd quilt was a backing for my Valentine Quilt. I ended up doing a pieced backing and love it ~ but hate doing pieced backings.

The 3rd project was making a backing for the Starburst Quilt 

The 4th was finally sewing up my Carpenter Star (block tutorial from SEW and So Quilts) quilt from a bee I was in (2) years ago – I’m debating on adding more borders to make that bigger too because right now with the 9×9 blocks it’s only 54×54.

Swoon Wannabe Finish

The last project was making a whole quilt out of my Origami Star block with the new Up, Up, & Away by Cloud 9 Fabrics

Origami Star

Origami Star 2x2


After the week ~ I can tackle it all!!! Productive weekends are great.

Patchwork, Please! Week#7 Dino-Mite Hat + {Giveaway}

Patchwork Please Sew Along

<div align="center"><a href="" title="Patchwork Please Sew Along"><img src="" alt="Patchwork Please Sew Along" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Week #7 of Patchwork, Please! Sew-Along! If you just tuning in, Lindsay of LR Stitched and Debbie of A Quilter’s Table are hosting another Zakka Sewalong 2.0 (if you missed Zakka 1.0 check out Lindsey’s blog)!   Each week they’re highlighting a project from the book: Patchwork, Please! by Ayumi Takahashi.  Ayumi makes awesome projects and her blog is a a must follow.

June 3: Penny | Sew Take a Hike :: Bell Pepper Coasters
June 10: Maureen | MC Handmade :: B,L,D Towels
June 17: Anna | Noodlehead :: Lettered Tea Cozy + Pouch
June 24: Angela | Cut to Pieces :: Polka Dot Cafe Apron (yay! you’re here!)
July 1: Lynne | Lily’s Quilts :: Diamond Patchwork Placemat
July 8: Lindsey | LRstitched :: Yum Yum Apple Bib
July 15: Sukie | Don’t Ya Know :: Dino-Mite Hat
July 22: Jennifer | Ellison Lane :: Book for Baby Quilt
July 29: Krista | Poppyprint :: My Scrappy Box
August 5: Kerry | Very Kerry Berry :: Swedish Bloom Time Quilt
August 12: Tamiko | Patchwork Notes :: You’ve Got Mail Wall Pocket
August 19: Monica | Happy Zombie :: Happy Hexagon Trivet
August 26: Krista | Spotted Stone Studio :: Piece of Cake Shopping Bag
Sept 2: Lori | Bee in My Bonnet :: Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch
Sept 9: Amy | During Quiet TIme :: Vintage Pencil Case
Sept 16: Svetlana | SOTAK Handmade :: I love My Ipad Quilted Cover
Sept 23: Amber | One Shabby Chick :: Handy Market Tote
Sept 30: Deb | A Quilter’s Table :: Sweet Trips Embroidery Pouch
Oct 7: Leila | Where the Orchids Grow :: Prettified Pincushion

Today I’m showing you the cutest Dino-mite hat!

Dino Hat

Ayumi wrote that is project was a quick project and that’s no lie! Also I love that the book gives your a difficulty level:

Skills Rating

I was planning to make one to fit my daughter’s head but instead we made a dino-mite hat for her teddy bear:

Dino Bear!

The fabrics that I used in this project was Mixteca by Eleanor Grosh for Cloud 9 Fabrics (spikes and lining) and Black Essex Linen by Robert Kaufman for the outer shell.


The one thing I did do differently from the book is with the spikes.  Instead of pivoting, I just went the end.  And then I did the same for the opposite side.  The main reason is you’ll be trimming it anyway.

Points & Cutting

I also reused the ribbon that tied the fabric bundles as the ribbon for the hat:


Overall, this project is super adorable and I’m kind of proud of myself that I could do it. . . I know that sounds lame but this is in the world of sewing clothes – and I don’t ever sew clothes (cause I suck ass at it).




Both Lindsay and Debbie we able to line up great sponsors for this sewalong!

Aurifil, Pellon, and Form and Fabric are sponsoring my blog’s giveaway today – winners will get either receive a variety pack of aurifil thread, pellon sample pack, or fun form and fabric pack.  Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite project from the sewalong is so far.

Also remember, if you decided to join the sew along – there’s so many more prizes and projects on the way! I’ll be drawing winners at the end of the week.

My creation

Sewing Summit 2.0

I’ve finally recovered after a week’s vacation + sewing summit. That’s right! I took the whole week off then I attended Sewing Summit. It was awesome and exhausting at the same time.

I don’t know what crawled up my ass but I thought it was a great idea to try to make the Weekender bag by Mrs. Amy Butler. . yeah and somehow I convinced Colleen to join me. We sat down and made a plan and gathered our supplies. A long time ago, I bought a fat quarter set of Outside of Olso by Jessica Jones. If you’re interested in purchase some, it’s still totally available:

The Needle Shop

Marmalade Fabrics

Drygoods Design

Weekender + Outside of Olso

Hauling my machine, supplies, and kid to Colleen’s house was easy. . .it was assembling the bag that kicked my ass.  Recently, I used Mrs. Fransson tutorial Mod Mosaic block and thought, “Hey! Lets do that on a bigger scale with Outside of Olso!” For the sashing (grout lines) I decided to use denim and make them 1″ finished. I also used the denim in the zipper part of the bag (saddles). I love how it turned out:

My creation

(More pictures are available on my flickr feed)

I want to give a special shout out to my good friend, Colleen – thanks for the help buddy!

Now off to Sewing Summit – I went last year and if you missed my post then here click here.  I think this year was a lot better for many, many, many reasons.  Sewing + bloggers = a fun packed weekend for all!  If you don’t believe me here’s a bunch of pictures of a goofball:

My creation

There were a lot more hands on classes than last year!  Yeah, I took 5 classes that needed prep and since I spent the week making the weekender. . my prep work was shit.  Luckily, the instructors were awesome and the sewing rooms were open to 1am to help me get ready.  I have a couple WIPs to finish but I loved the weekend!!!

Friday night was the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild Mixer . . . basically a mixer for the attendees and our guild.  I was tweetin’ and instagram’in teasers all before Sewing Summit – if you could see the look on the bellhop’s face when he saw what he had to hail to the room, I mean you only could imagine right?


I think a lot of folks had fun. . well I hope they did. . . .We tried to get everyone who came a swag bag and if they didn’t we had tons of raffle prizes.

When fabric geeks go to a bar
(Photo courtesy of Liz of Goddess in Process)

SLMQG Mixer Swag

(Photo curtesy of Darcy of Modern Cozy)

I’ll be attending next year for sure – and I hope I was approachable . . . true, I’m not a shy person but it’s also weird for me to introduce myself to ppl.  I’m sure if you came up to me and said, I’m this person on twitter/flickr/instagram we’d become close like peas and carrots but I can’t just go up to folks and say, “Don’t you know who I am?” lol

Had a blast will see you at Sewing Summit 3.0!!!

Planetarium top help me decide backing!

This weekend was filled with sewing! The Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild (slmqg) had their Sew Saturday and it always a good break for me to get away from the family and sew for 5hrs straight. Well when a bunch of friends get together to sew, there’s more chatting than sewing. It’s super fun! If you don’t have a guild in your area, why not just get a couple buddies together and sew?

I had a couple frustrating moments during Sew Saturday. . . blocks were messed up and I had some quality time with a seam ripper. Yeah if I wasn’t around people, I’d be yelling “F*&v My Life!” This week I’ll be focusing on finishing those dang bee blocks! argh!! Maybe I should start taking things that don’t take a lot of brain power to Sew Saturdays. ha!

Anyway, I finally finished the Planetarium top, here’s a couple action shots



Close up action shots of blocks

One printed border!I did one block with Geisha Passion as the border and not solid because I didn’t have a lot of pink border blocks (if you noticed).

Okay here’s the fun part – I’m going to let my readers help me decide on what Indie prints or print I should use on the back.

Here’s the choices:

Wonderlust in Soleil

Wonderlust in Soleil

Geisha in Passion

Geisha in Passion

Dynasty in Mandarin

Dynasty in Mandarin

Wonderlust in Luna

Wonderlust in Luna

Geisha in Bliss

Geisha in Bliss

Dynasty in Saffron

Dynasty in Saffron

Oh for helping/voting, I’ll choose a random voter to winner this lovely bundle of Modernology!

Modernology Fat Quarter Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m using Mr. Rafflecopter for the giveaway and if you don’t know how to enter please take a minute to watch this short video!

How to Enter Rafflecopter Giveaways from Rafflecopter on Vimeo.


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Head over to Lee’s blog – I’m guest posting! Woot! Woot!

No more fat quarters!

You know when you’re starting the quilting hobby and you go to the local quilt store. . or even shopping online, and those dang fat quarters are the best.

They’re good for many reasons:

1. Fat quarters give you a bigger chuck of the fabric.

2. They give you better options for patchwork or applique

3. They’re popular and stores make it easy to buy bundles

Here’s the reasons why I think fat quarters are A N N O Y I N G:

1.   I think it’s about $3/fat quarter and that’s crzy!!  I would rather buy half yards if that’s the case.  You’re saving a little $$$ depending on the fabric.

2.  Typical you can only buy a fat quarter online if it’s in a bundle pack and sometimes you don’t want the whole pack. . . but if you’re lucky then you can go to the local quilt store and pull it off the shelf.  You could contact the online store to make you a special pack too.

3.  Also after you buy just one fat quarter of the fabric you love and use it. . don’t you wish you had more of it?

I’m done buying fat quarters, I’m buying only half yards from now on!  (j.k lets just say I won’t buy fat quarters as much).  Check out my latest addition to my stash (all half yards/yards no fat quarters here!!)

2012-04-24 22.25.33.jpg


Stash attack!

So it’s a new year and I’m thinking I have to be a little more bitchy and less easy going. . . wha?!?! Yeah I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to cleaning my house. . .I usually don’t do it til I either lose something or I have company coming over (and lately I haven’t had anyone coming over).

But I’m kind of tired of the mess, ya know? Like I need to crack the whip out and get all the stuff organized and in it’s place.

So most of the family was back to their regularly schedule program today except for me and Pepper. I took the approach of lets not try to gang-bust all the mess in one day. . . that’s just ridiculous. Baby steps. So first thing is to organize my massive fabric stash!!!

Organizing stash

Do you clean like me? It’s gets really freakin’ messy before it gets better. . . yeah but it wasn’t that bad.

I love the new year. . . you can go to pretty much all the major stores and they’re having some crzy ass sale on bins. I snatched these big clear bins up at the Lowes.

I was able to put all my WIPs (work in progress) into one bin and as I was putting them in I wrote them down. I want to get to the point where I’m just working on one project and finish it all the way through. . yeah basically not more WIPs. Insane right? Going by the list I have about 13+ WIPs. . . not bad. . . I think only (2) are quilts. . . I think. . .


Speaking of WIPs. . . did I mention I’m hella behind on my quilting bees? Yeah I suck ass. . . here’s what I’m working on for my 4th quarter group for 4×5, whatta ya think?

4x5 block

Scrap Splat Challenge

Back in September, Mr. Thomas issued a Scrap Splat Challenge on (40) 2.5 scrap squares issued to 30 gals/gents, you have to use all the squares in your project.

When I got my scrap set, I read the note and put it aside. .. I mean the due date was in October, so I had plenty of time right? Well last weekend, (yes! last weekend) I remembered that I had this on my list and freaked out! Did a quick google search to see when the project was due and dang 10/26! Yeah so I looked at my scraps. . .I had already thought about doing a sewing machine cover. . . but oh how my plans quickly change.

Here’s a shot of my scraps that I received:

2011-10-22 08.57.02.jpg

How do I make something modern with tradition fabrics. . . and how do I incorporate each one together. . . . oh wait Mr. Thomas said I could use solids. . . . okay. . . hmm search thought my piles of fabric. . jackpot! Kona Charm pack from the Sewing Summit Swag bag.

I organized the piles into the color wheel:

2011-10-22 09.00.44.jpg

Hmm. . . it’s kind of coming together. . . lets do some sewing! I placed the scrap squares with solids that were in their color range and then for neutral element, light kona grey.


Here’s the dilemma I have. . .my style is modern but I have to deal with the traditional fabrics. . .it’s easy when you have modern fabric for your modern projects. . but flip that a little and your brain starts to break a little.

I looked on my cutting table and saw one of colorways from PearTree and wanted to incorporate that design:

2011-09-23 17.16.42.jpg

That means a little raw edge applique. . .oh boy my favorite. . (one day I would love to learn turn edge) (and yes you did detect a sense of sarcasm)

Again turning to my fabric stash. . gotta add more neutral fabric. . .oh white fleece that’s already cut to the right size. . yeah at this point the sewing machine cover idea is trashed because of the size of this puppy:


But I think I accomplished my goal! It looks pretty modern with traditional fabrics. . . . what do you think?

Since I’m hella short on time, I really need to not over think this. . so I just did some straight line quilting from the center of the circle out and here’s the results:


Here’s the back, again something from my fabric stash (shout out to Ikea):

Scrap Splat Back

My little girl, Pepper loves it so it’s going to her:



Hope you liked my impromptu Scrap Splat Challenge!!!


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