Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAL Week 4

January 12, 2016

With both rows being done, I sewn them together and took a picture of it.  Once I complete Row 3 & Row 4, I’ll do the same thing and then sew it on to the first two rows.  I like seeing it come together, you can do that if you want too or not (up to you).

If you’ve been following the history of this quilt, the first ones I did I used white on white more and not so much low volume/low tone prints. The way I setup this QAL, I wanted you to choose the fabrics because it’s your quilt. After piecing these two rows together, since I used more low volume/low tone prints the outline of the kitty gets a bit lost.  Overall, I think it will end up great, it’s just way more patchworky then the other ones I did.  #noregrets

Note: I went back through my Instagram history and tagged my older quilts for you to look at <#HKQAL>


Block 1-12 #HKQAL

Block 1-12 #HKQAL










Hello Kitty QAL

Quick Video on Cutting for the #HKQAL

January 9, 2016

Refresher on Cutting:

Remember cut along the width of the fabric.

  1. Line selvage to selvage with the folded edge closest to you
  2. Lay your ruler (preferably 6.5×23) on the fabric
  3. Line a horizontal line on the ruler to the fold of the fabric
  4. Move the ruler to the edge on the right side of the fabric – cut off a small strip of fabric, creating your straight edge #squareitup
  5. Carefully rotate your cutting mat and start cutting 2.5inch strips
  6. Keeping them folded, lay your 2 strips on top of each other
  7. Square up the edge/trip selvage off
  8. Start cutting 2.5×2.5 squares

Note: Fat Quarters = 56 squares



Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAL Week 3

January 5, 2016

How is everyone doing on their blocks? I know some of you are still cutting and pulling fabric.  That’s fine, this tutorial will be on my blog forever, so pace yourself.  I’m piecing two #hkqal at the same time, and I keep flip-flopping on keeping one of them for myself.  You just start falling in love with the project and can’t part with the dang thing. Once the whole thing is pieced, I’ll let you know if I keep it or not.  .Below are my week 2 blocks . . . seriously pushing my boundaries on the low volume/low tone.  I get moments where I love it and then I get moments of doubt.




#HKQAL Block 5

#HKQAL Block 5







Oh, HK’s head is starting to take shape!  If you ever doubt your quilt, lay the blocks all out and take a picture of it. There are times where I get worried about my fabric choices and I take a picture of all the blocks together and it make me a lot less worried since the camera takes the picture as a better distance than up close to show the pixelated blocks (if that makes any sense).

I’m excited about piecing this week since it completes the top of her head.















Reflecting on 2015 . . .

January 4, 2016

Year after year, I notice these trends especially in the quilting/sewing community.  Generally, people reflect on what they’ve made for the past year and then sprinkle in new resolutions for upcoming year.  I get a little discouraged seeing everyone’s projects they’ve completed and then look at my own.  Comparing myself to others is an annoying trait that I’ve tried to shake off. Sewing is a hobby after all and spare time is limited.

For 2015, I finished a couple minis and a quilt

Left: Leftovers Trip Around the World Lap Quilt Top Right: Sewtopia Swap for PDX Bottom Right: Alison Glass Mini Swap

Notable events in 2015:


  • Bought a new car in June.  We had a gas guzzling Acura MDX that was getting 17mpg and since I taxi around the family so much it wasn’t cutting it.  So we go a Honda HRV which upped it to 28mpg.  We love our new ride, the kids are squeezed in a little tighter but I don’t care. They’re getting a free ride so deal with it kid!


  • Attended Sew OK in July.  Took the Meadow Quilt class by Lizzy House and had a great time. It was fun to be an attendee and not the host. I still haven’t finished the quilt but it’s going to look great when I do.


  • Went to Yellowstone/Jackson Hole with friends and family.  Glamping was fun and we loved seeing animal traffic jams. I loved just disconnecting from the world for a couple weeks.

Artist Point at Yellowstone



Jenny Lake at the Tetons

  • Dressed up at the Poop emoji for Halloween. My job is very serious and one day out of the year that I can be funny, it would be halloween
  • Did Sewtopia Portland, had a great time! Got my 3rd tattoo when I was there and it’s been my personal motto


  • Decided to recommit myself to the blog and launch the #HKQAL

2016 Goals:

  • Keep blogging!
  • Gotta get in better shape. I’ve gotta incorporate exercise into my daily/weekly habit. I’ve got a gym membership but have to dust it off. I hate going to the gym but that’s a really lame excuse. I need to develop a workout plan and then execute. I don’t think the focus is weight loss (even though losing some pounds couldn’t hurt) but focus on strength building.
  • Go back to eating out less and eating in more. This helps with weight loss goal mentioned above. I noticed that when I eat in more, my weight starts dropping.
  • Declutter my life and help the family declutter.  I hang on to too much shit. I gotta get more organized and let things go.
  • List out my current sewing projects and start finishing them, even if they don’t suit my fancy anymore.
  • Make a garment, it could involve taking a class.
  • Sell our house and move into our dream neighborhood.  For many years, the hubby and I have been talking about selling our house and buying in the right location.


Hello Kitty QAL

Christmas Blast + Week 2 #HKQAL

December 29, 2015

Christmas Recap:  Not a lot of people know this, but the hubby was jobless at the beginning of November.  He was looking for a job and landed one right at the beginning of December.  It put a bit of stress on the holidays but I knew he was going to find something great.  #nodoubt  We still have a couple rules so we don’t go overboard with getting gifts and keeping to a budget.

There’s a couple rules around the holidays that our family follows:

  1. No buying things for yourself from Halloween to Christmas (you might get it as a present).
  2. Each person buys one gift for each person in the family

Generally, Santa gives each person in the family one nice gift and whatever might land in our stockings.


I was a bit more direct with what I wanted this year and my family didn’t let me down (mind reading is for chumps).  Santa and stuff my stocking with Inside Out tsum tsums (stack-able Disney mini plushies).  And my daughter got me classic holiday tsum tsums (top row)


My son got me Trainwreck (if you haven’t see it, you better rent it tonight!!! It’s a great hilarious romantic comedy)

The hubby got me a Moment Macro Lens for my Iphone 6+ (took the hint very well).  Moment sells only (3) lens and I’m 2/3 (already got Wide lens).  Nowadays, I’m only taking pictures with my phone and getting lens for it to make better photos just makes sense.  I do still have a point n’ shoot but the phone is so handy.  Below is an example of what this awesome lens can do.

Okay yesterday I posted about my @moment macro lens here's an example in picture form. Top is without and Bottom has the lens attached to my #iphone6plus . Fabric picture is from the new line by @carolynfriedlander #carkaifabric #momentlens

Top is without and Bottom has the lens attached to my #iphone6plus . Fabric picture is from the new line by Carolyn Friedlander‘s Carkai Fabric


How did everyone do on last week’s blocks? I got caught up on cutting my (2) #HKQAL quilts and started piecing over the Christmas holiday.  It was nice to just sit there at my machine and sew. Here’s my week #1 blocks all together:


#HKQAL Week 1 Blocks (1-4) together



Block 1


Block 2


Block 3

Block 3


Block 4

Block 4