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Christmas Blast + Week 2 #HKQAL

December 29, 2015

Christmas Recap:  Not a lot of people know this, but the hubby was jobless at the beginning of November.  He was looking for a job and landed one right at the beginning of December.  It put a bit of stress on the holidays but I knew he was going to find something great.  #nodoubt  We still have a couple rules so we don’t go overboard with getting gifts and keeping to a budget.

There’s a couple rules around the holidays that our family follows:

  1. No buying things for yourself from Halloween to Christmas (you might get it as a present).
  2. Each person buys one gift for each person in the family

Generally, Santa gives each person in the family one nice gift and whatever might land in our stockings.


I was a bit more direct with what I wanted this year and my family didn’t let me down (mind reading is for chumps).  Santa and stuff my stocking with Inside Out tsum tsums (stack-able Disney mini plushies).  And my daughter got me classic holiday tsum tsums (top row)


My son got me Trainwreck (if you haven’t see it, you better rent it tonight!!! It’s a great hilarious romantic comedy)

The hubby got me a Moment Macro Lens for my Iphone 6+ (took the hint very well).  Moment sells only (3) lens and I’m 2/3 (already got Wide lens).  Nowadays, I’m only taking pictures with my phone and getting lens for it to make better photos just makes sense.  I do still have a point n’ shoot but the phone is so handy.  Below is an example of what this awesome lens can do.

Okay yesterday I posted about my @moment macro lens here's an example in picture form. Top is without and Bottom has the lens attached to my #iphone6plus . Fabric picture is from the new line by @carolynfriedlander #carkaifabric #momentlens

Top is without and Bottom has the lens attached to my #iphone6plus . Fabric picture is from the new line by Carolyn Friedlander‘s Carkai Fabric


How did everyone do on last week’s blocks? I got caught up on cutting my (2) #HKQAL quilts and started piecing over the Christmas holiday.  It was nice to just sit there at my machine and sew. Here’s my week #1 blocks all together:


#HKQAL Week 1 Blocks (1-4) together



Block 1


Block 2


Block 3

Block 3


Block 4

Block 4








Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAK Week 1 Blocks

December 22, 2015

#hkqalweek1Let’s get this party started! How did everyone do on their cutting?  I was busy cutting all weekend, I’m 95% there.  I would be there a lot quicker but I decided to cut for 2 #HKQAL.  Yes, cutting two of them at once is a bit of a PITA but I think my nieces will love their quilts.  One quilt will have a blue border while the other one will be more scrappy.

Refresher on Cutting:

Remember cut along the width of the fabric.

  1. Line selvage to selvage with the folded edge closest to you
  2. Lay your ruler (preferably 6.5×23) on the fabric
  3. Line a horizontal line on the ruler to the fold of the fabric
  4. Move the ruler to the edge on the right side of the fabric – cut off a small strip of fabric, creating your straight edge #squareitup
  5. Carefully rotate your cutting mat and start cutting 2.5inch strips
  6. Keeping them folded, lay your 2 strips on top of each other
  7. Square up the edge/trip selvage off
  8. Start cutting 2.5×2.5 squares

Note: Fat Quarters = 56 squares

Again, reminder cut all your squares up first and then mix them up!  The scrappy-er the better with this one.  Don’t overthink your fabric choices.  I would suggest putting a couple of solids in there for the light|medium|dark grey since it’s the outline of the kitty.  The block instructions and legend are below – pretty self explanatory.

Pressing:  I noted on block one which way you should press your blocks if you prefer pressing you seams side to side.  If you want to press your seams open then ignore those arrows.  Press the way you want to.  There are merits to both ways.

I’ll post updates on my week 1 blocks in next week’s post and on my Instagram profile.  Remember if you’re following along, I would love to see your blocks!  Tag me on IG, FB, or even email me!! Can’t wait to see your #HKQAL

More info on the #hkqal (link in profile) here's the cutting instructions though. I'm going to pull fabric tonight!!!








Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAL Week 1 Postponed

December 14, 2015

Hey everyone!

We gotta postpone week 1 blocks until next Tuesday.  I’m in the process of updating my website so while the dust is settling I can’t post but will be able to by next Tuesday.  Plus between you and me, I haven’t finished all my cutting.



Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAL Fabric Requirements & Cutting Instructions

December 8, 2015

It’s been a crazy week with work and home.  Getting the family ready for Christmas last weekend.  We’re not huge on decorations.  Normally we just get a live tree and make it look like a rainbow threw up on it.  Sunday, I was sitting there talking to my husband about the huge list of items to tackle.  I’m more of a list person and he’s more visual.  I noticed that he was drawing out the details of getting the tree on the car.  I whipped out my phone and captured this lovely video and I still laugh when I watch it.  The fact that he humors me is the best part.  Enjoy!

The #HKQAL is made up of 36 quilt blocks – each block contains {36} 2.5×2.5 squares – 1296 squares total (if you’re making a twin, you’ll need an additional 288 squares totaling 1584). The commitment is strong but worth it in the end.  This is a customizable quilt though!  The difficulty level of this quilt is beginner but you must have a high attention to detail.  The blocks are made up of just squares but keeping track of the colors and where they line up in the pixelated HK is the detailed part. My suggestion is to cut all the squares before you begin.  Having them all cut makes is easier to distribute the prints throughout the quilt evenly.

The squares fall into the following group:

Body Outline:  The body/outline is made up of light/medium/dark grey.  Feel free to use different fabrics here. I would suggest using a mixture of prints and solids.  There’s very little black in the quilt and those represent her eyes, again I would suggest using a solid here.

Body/Background: The body is made up of white or low volume.  Feel free to use different types of whites and mix in low volume.  When I made my first one, I made the body a different white than the outside.  There are 317 squares for her body and 245 squares for the outside.  The patch-y-er the better!

Flower/Clothes: This is the customizable part of the quilt.  Instead of the light/medium/dark pink you can substitute it for light/medium/dark blue (green) (purple) (orange) (red).  If you’re making this quilt for someone, I would think about their favorite color.

Border: This is the 2nd customizable part of the quilt.  Instead of the blue, you can really use any color to substitute for the border.  You can even make it completely all random.  If you’re wanting to make a twin, add 288 more squares to what you’ve cut.

***Have fun cutting – I’ll see you next week for the first 4 blocks!  If you’re on instagram tag #HKQAL and me @sukie80 – I would love to see your fabric choices!****

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Reboot + HKQAL Annoucement

November 29, 2015

I don’t even know where to start with this pathetic blog post.  I haven’t blogged since January 26th!  Yes, it’s been close to a year.

If this is your first time visiting my blog,  let me tell you a bit about myself in a bullet point list:

  • Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah (born n’ raised)
  • Happily married for 16 years now
  • Two kids (16yr old boy & 5 yr old girl) | Teen mom before it was cool.  My husband and I said, “We’re not having another one until we get our shit together”

11755098_10207111673449265_964827358033001659_n (1)

  • Director of Operations for a day job
  • Bachelor’s in Business with an emphasis in Accounting
  • 34 going on 35 (or how about this born in 1980)
  • Started sewing 6 years ago (mostly self taught)
  • Starting Sewtopia in 2013 after leaving the Modern Quilt Guild Board of Directors as the Treasurer


  • Favorite color is red
  • Foodie at heart but all time favorite food is Sushi
  • Love everything Hello Kitty
  • Love everything about Adventure Time

Megan of Canoe Ridge Creations recent posted, “5 Things I Wished I’d Known before Starting a Blog”  I read the post and thought, “Shit I really need to blog more. . .”

When I started this blog it was meant for family updates, then it went through this politically rant phase.  My first entry was 3.1.04 (most of them are private now). Then it became a sewing/projects blog.

I started sewing before my baby girl was born.  I needed a hermit hobby because I wasn’t in a good circle of friends.  Making friends was hard, and I thought I should just stop trying.  Being a mom and wife with a full time job is demanding and I needed a hobby for myself.  I enrolled in a quilting class and was hooked. Started following blogs and joined Flickr groups.  My blog quickly became a place where I would show my projects.  I joined our local modern guild aka Salt Lake Modern Guild.  My hermit hobby was connecting me to more friends and I was so thankful for that.

I got caught up in creating and making my brand/name.  What does that mean? Well I had to keep making projects and showing people my creations.  I started neglecting things that were important in my life.  Selfish.  Until one day things just exploded.  Things were bad, but not enough that I couldn’t course correct.  I took a break from things and worked on my relationships at home.  Time passed and things were good.  I stopped focusing on the rat race.  I only took on what I could take and communicated more with my husband before taking on new ventures.

Sewtopia began after I left the MQG Board of Directors.  I remember starting Sewtopia and how afraid I was.  What if it’s a complete utter failure?!?! With the support of my husband and family, I knew no matter how it ended, I would have known that I tried.  Now with 3 events under our belts. I’m thankful for where I am and can’t imagine things happening any other way.

After much consideration, this blog will become a way to share my ideas and perspectives and have a conversation with friends.  It’s more a forum than a blog but regardless what it is or not, it needs to have life, meaning I need to dedicate time to write.



Rebooting my blog is on the list for 2016.  Blogging once a year is terrible.  I think my blog posts will be monthly updates on what I’m working or not working on.  With a reboot, I thought I’d announce my HKQAL!  This will be a 10 week Quilt Along.   The quilt measures 72×72,  Hope you can join along!!!


12.8.15: Fabric Requirements & Cutting Instructions

12:15.15 Block 1 thru 4 (POSTPONED)

12.22.15 Block 1 thru 4

12.29.15 Block 5 thru 8

1.5.16 Block 9 thru 12

1.12.16 Block 13 thru 16

1.19.16 Block 17 thru 21

1.26.16 Block 22 thru 26

2.2.16 Block 27 thru 31

2.23.16 Block 32 thru 35

3.1.16 Finishing #HKQAL up 

3.8.16 Extra Blocks for Twin Size

HK Quilt Finish