Skydiving – Accomplished!

October 9, 2016

Skydiving has been on my bucket list for over 10yrs. I wanted to skydive with my husband but he is deathly afraid of heights so I dropped the subject. Then along came a good friend, Marci and one day I asked her if she wanted to and she did!  Weeks went by, and we got busy. She pinged me again when another friend of ours posted a picture of her recent skydiving activities. GOT IT! I called and made the appointment for us to jump on October 2nd. That morning, the winds were too high and they rescheduled us to October 9th.


Then I went off on a business trip to Seattle and forgot all about our disappointment of not skydiving.

First time in Seattle and it was great for a 2day, 1night venture. I stopped at DryGoods Design in the morning to shop and have a fancy breakfast with Keli.


Breakfast at London Plane

Then it was off to my work meetings. . . .my meeting ended the next day around noon and I had plotted to head to Seattle ChinaTown for Dim Sum.


Dim Sum at Harbor City Barbecue

If you need a good video on what and how to eat dim sum check out Fung Brother Food below:


We headed to Pike’s Place and really did the tourist-y things:

  • Visited the Gum Wall – so gross!!


  • Watch the guys throw fish


  • Walk through the Seattle Aquarium (check out my fb video on it)

After a stressful week at work – I was looking forward to our Skydiving adventure.  It was a blast and I would do it again. Surreal when you’re hanging your legs out of the plane and in a split moment you’re free falling to the ground.  Are you like me, when the anxiety and excitement builds up, I just needed to scream. I did purchase the video on my first skydiving adventure and love sharing it with you. Enjoy!

Shout out goes to my great friend, Marci. I couldn’t or wouldn’t do it alone and if you weren’t there to nudge me then I don’t know when I would have done the appointment. And for my husband to encourage me to follow my dreams and support all my crazy ideas.


Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAL Week 9 + Week 8 Correction

March 1, 2016


A big shout out to Rosey Day aka msroseyd on Instagram for informing me that week 8 was all kinds of jacked up. . . well not block 30!  Anyway, I made the correction please refer back to the last post for the correction.  Sorry for the mistake!

Final week (almost) !!!! 

Next week, we’ll talk about finishing the quilt and what you’ll need for it.  We’ll also talk about the extra blocks for the folks that are making a twin size.  Woohoo!!  The end is in sight folks!  Thanks for being patient with me. Super appreciated.







Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAL Week 8

February 23, 2016


Okay don’t worry, I’m not dead. . . just got really busy and then got this flu like illness that put me in bed for a while. Luckily, I’m better! Still have a cough but I’m better and let me say, sorry for putting us behind!!! I did manage to infect the whole house. Someone please nominate me for, “Wife/Mother of the Year!”

This is the 2nd to last week though (unless you’re making a twin size then you got a bit more piecing to do and we’ll cover that in March)!!! How are your kitties looking? I’ve seen a couple pictures via Instagram under the #hkqal and lovin’ everyone’s progress. I can’t wait to see the kitty army of quilts!  











Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAL Week 7

February 2, 2016


There is so much to update you on – but that will be done in another post!  This week we’re adding a shoulder/body to Ms. Kitty!






Hello Kitty QAL

#HKQAL Week 6

January 26, 2016


This week you’re giving Ms. Kitty her chin! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to put together my other quilt and I’m a bit behind on the one I’m doing along with this color scheme.  I’ll try to get caught up this week!  #JustDoIt (shh. . . we’re 12 blocks from finishing!!!)